Events and Festivals in Kuta

Kuta has a few Public festivals which are celebrated in full regalia. The streets are embraced with parades and the spirit of the locals is simply contagious.

  • KutaKarnival: Held in October at Kuta beach, the festival was first celebrated in 2003 to cultivate a sense of peace and mutual understanding of different cultures in Kuta. The Karnival is more of a street party with entertainment and music.
  • Galugan Festival: Celebrating the victory of Dharma over Adharma, the festival is rooted in the belief of ancestral spirits visiting the earth and the locals offer prayers to their beloved ancestors. The Galugan festival is celebrated according to the Balinese PawukonCalender. There are 2 celebrations per solar year and the dates vary.
  • Bali Art festival: Held in June-July, the Bali art festival is a month long celebration where you can see Bali’s modern, contemporary and ethnic art up close and appreciate its uniqueness.

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