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Kuwait Overview

Kuwait is an Arab country that is located in Western Asia. Sharing its borders with Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait is one of the topmost countries in the world having biggest oil reserves.  Apart from being an economically rich and open country, Kuwait is known for its modern architecture, famous towers and incredible cultural heritage too.

Visa Information for Visiting Kuwait

One can obtain a Kuwait Visa on arrivalto travel around the country for a limited time. Otherwise, you can always apply for the visa in advance. A visa is a must for all the tourists and travelers willing to explore this city, except the nationals of GCC. As the authorities of Kuwait do not allow boarding on a flight, unless until one have the proper entry documents and valid visas; it's better to go through the guidelines carefully and get yourself a valid visa.

Perfect Time to Visit the Beautiful Kuwait

The best time to visit Kuwait is either in the month of November or between March and April. Visiting this country during spring and autumn is actually a great idea; as the temperature stays within 20 to 30 degrees during this time. If you're comfortable with cold weather, then visiting Kuwait during the months of December and February can be a good option too. On the contrary, if you want to witness the traditions and culture of this country, then the Ramadan month can be ideal for you.

Famous Places to Go While In Kuwait

The list of best places to visit in Kuwait is basically endless. From various towers to different islands and museums, each and every place has a distinct charm of their own. From visiting the famous Kuwait Towers to visiting the Grand Mosque, this country has so many significant landmarks to visit. To enjoy the country’s trading history, visit Doha Village;  to relax while enjoying the breathtaking sea view, you can visit Green Island; or to witness the beauty of the magnificent coastline, visit the Al Kout Beach.

Local Transport Options in Kuwait

There’s no need to get confused about how to reach Kuwait and get around in the city. With plenty of international flights and local travel options available, you can explore the country as the way you wish. The country's transport system is mainly road-based. Bus services are the most reliable and budget-friendly means of traveling. There are also taxi and cab available for hiring for a very reasonable price. 

Best Places to Stay and Eat In Kuwait         

From five star hotels to pocket-friendly cheap accommodation options, Kuwait has enough hotels and lodges to cater to the different needs of tourists. According to your budget and the things to do in Kuwait, you can choose the ideal accommodation. Your Kuwait trip remains incomplete if you don't taste the appetizing Kuwaiti cuisines. Be it the delicious Machboos, or the seafood, try out the local foods to get the true flavor of Kuwait

According to a Kuwait travel guide, it is the perfect infusion of natural beauty and cultural heritage that makes Kuwait one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Western Asia.

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