Events and Festivals in La Fortuna

January: New Year's Day - January 1st, this day sees locals celebrate the arrival of the new year with family gatherings and festivities.

April: Holy Week - There are services held to commemorate Jesus' death and resurrection over the Easter period. Visitors can expect businesses to be closed from Easter Thursday to Easter Sunday, but can witness the mass as spectators.

May: Labour Day (Dia de los Trabajadores) - May 1st, this is a national public holiday celebrated in Fortuna, and it sees locals relax and unwind.

July: Guanacaste Day - July 25th, commemorating the annexation of the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste in 1824 from Nicaragua, this day sees locals celebrate this victory.

September: Independence Day - September 15th, cebelrations are held all across the country on this important day which remembers Costa Rica's independence from Spain in 1821.

December: Christmas Day - the Christian population gather together to celebrate this occasion with feasts, carol-singing, present-giving, and the decorating of trees.

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