La Londe-les-maures Tourism

La Londe les Maures is a seaside resort town in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France. The city is situated at the edge of Maures Mountains and looks out towards the Golden Islands of Hyeres.

This picturesque town is known for a magnificent harbour docked with pleasure boats. With its great charm, La Londe les Maures not only became a great place for tourism, but also attracts thousands of tourists with many sports activities to do in the waters all year round.

Once you enter this beach resort town, you can’t help but fall under its spell. The city’s perfect location among the rich Provençal lands makes La Londe one of the beautiful places to visit in France.

Variety of flower beds including roses and tulips, gardens of cork oaks and olive groves add to the natural grace of La Londe. In addition to it, the city boasts a large coastline stretching from the old salt marshes to Estagnol, Miramar, Argentière and on to Pellegrin, visiting which is on the itineraries of hundreds of tourists every year.

While in La Londe les Maures, go around the city, checking its options for shopping, indulge yourself in some scuba diving, some other water sports or just take a stroll along the sands. You’ll love it so much that you’d put La Londe les Maures on the to-see-again list in your vacation planner.

Essential travel information and La Londe-les-maures tips for your visit

  • Carry sunscreen bottle around with you when you plan your trip around summer.
  • It’s better to wear shorts and light-coloured clothes for comfort.
  • Don’t forget to carry your beachwear if you want a nice sunbath or relax on the sands of Mediterranean.