Events and Festivals in La Seyne-sur-mer

La Seyne is a land of festivals. So it doesn’t matter when your itinerary planners are set to visit the town, you are sure to experience at least one of their festivals.

  • January: Janvierdans les étoiles, a contemporary circus festival is held every January.
  • April: The Taste of Spring is held every April, where you can get gourmet food at reduced prices.
  • May: Pilgrimage to Our Lady of May is conducted every May.
  • June: The month of June takes over the city with the Urban Colours Festival and the Feast of St. Peter.
  • July: Bayamo, a Cuban festival and a Jazz festival are held in July. The festive city also takes place this month.
  • August: Notes Summer, an international festival of classic music is held.
  • September: Heritage Days and Tall Ship races are conducted in the town.
  • October: 10 km from Tamaris is conducted in October.
  • December: Portraits of Women, a film festival is held in December in La Seyne. The Lounge Esprit Wine and Festivals Calendale also takes place this month.

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