Events and Festivals in Lachung

  • Lossong : The New Year of the Bhutia people is a well-known festival in Lachung. Celebrated on the day 1 of the 12th month according to the Bhutia calendar. A pooja is performed on the 1st day at the main water source and the water is offered to the god. On 2nd day all Dzumsa members meet for a big function followed by games like tug-of-war, weight lifting organised for children and eventually ends up with a dance.
  • Saga Dawa : The Saga Dawa is celebrated as Gautam Buddha Day. It is the birth day, Enlightenment day and the day Gautam Buddha left the physical world. It signifies three events on a single day. Saga Dawa is considered as a holiest of all the Buddhist festivals. It is held in Mid of November.
  • LhababDhuchen : 'Lha’ means god in Bhutia language, ‘bab’ means descent and ‘Dhuchen’ means festival. It symbolizes the descent of Lord Bhuddha from the heaven of thirty three gods after visiting his mother 'Queen Maha Mata'.

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