How to Reach Lahaina


  • By Air: Take a flight to the Kahului airport or West Maui airport to reach the destination.
  • By Car: Honoapiilani Highway (route 30) can be taken by car to reach the place.
  • By Boat: Sometimes cruise ships anchor near the destination.


  • On Foot: Lahaina can easily be explored on foot.
  • By Car Rental: You can book car rentals to explore the city.
  • By Bus: The city has bus services you can take to travel.
Route Distance Time
Kahului to Lahaina 22.47 km 22 mins
Honolulu to Lahaina 139.01 km 2 hours 19 mins
Santa cruz to Lahaina 4058.91 km 67 hours 38 mins
Brentwood to Lahaina 4116.95 km 68 hours 36 mins
Sacramento to Lahaina 4154.05 km 69 hours 14 mins
Portland to Lahaina 4265.24 km 71 hours 5 mins
Clovis to Lahaina 4290.65 km 71 hours 30 mins
Seattle to Lahaina 4373.65 km 72 hours 53 mins
Vancouver to Lahaina 4376.14 km 72 hours 56 mins
Lynnwood to Lahaina 4383.48 km 73 hours 3 mins