15 Best Things To Do In Lakewood Ranch, Florida

by Aaditee Kulkarni Updated on 15 Oct 2018

The Lakewood Ranch is located in Florida in the United States of America. It is a  community which is master planned and is surrounded by both the Sarasota County to the northeastern part of it and the Manatee County to the South Eastern part of it. Lakewood ranch is quite near to Sarasota and it boasts of offering magnificent views of the surrounding areas. It is popular for his golfing courses and facilities for recreational activities for both kids and adults. Lakewood Ranch is a friendly town for both kids and adults, however, it has big league attractions. It is home to some of the best cattle ranches and it stretches across 17500 acres. It is surrounded by Calming and peaceful environment and by the wetland preserves.

We bring to you some of the top things to do in Lakewood Ranch.Read on to know more about them:

1. Stroll down Main Street

The Main Street of Lakewood ranch in the United States is known to have it all from cinema theatres to stylish boutique, entertaining concert Golf courses, luxury restaurants, festivals art events and much more. This street is to be explored as it is the main hub for several exciting activities and family-oriented fun. It serves you the best BBQ unlike any other unsatisfied your desires for grilled food.

2. Drink to your heart's content at the Craft Growlers to go and tasting room

It is a unique hotspot where Tourists and visitors frequent for the wide variety of beers, sodas, and Wines offered. You get them all with just that tap and ready for you to drink it all up. They serve beers, sodas, and Vines in 32-ounce growlers or 64-ounce growlers which can be filled up and taken to wherever you wish to enjoy it. They also offer customers the choice to see the inside or outside. One can feel the laid-back vibe and make yourself completely at home at the craft growlers tasting room.

3. Head out for an adventure to the Greenbrook Adventure Park

Lakewood Ranch featuring beautiful parks, lake and nature preserves. There are several Parks scattered about that offers peace and tranquility and the opportunity to indulge in outdoor sports and activities. One such Adventure Park is the Greenbrook Adventure Park with its extensive Soccer and Football field skating Court, shaded playgrounds, Paw Park, and lots more.

4. Marco

The  Sarasota Polo located at Lakewood ranch is opened to both kids and adults on every Sunday from December to April. You can gather up your teams and play weekly match is here, or you can drive up and watch the gorgeous horses ridden by strong, professional and experienced Riders, from the stands. Visitors are allowed to bring their kids and Dogs along and enjoy with your family there.

5. Arts and culture

Lakewood Ranch in the United States is rich in both art and culture. One can celebrate years of art, music, and culture right here in Lakewood Ranch by being a part of some of the music events performing arts, artists showcasing their skills,  films, musicians playing the instrument and lots more. The local arts organizations train artists from all over the world and they perform rehearsal entertainments in the month of February. It is a popular spot for Arts and culture is the player's center that hosts several events throughout the year and conducts the storytelling theatre, children's programs, popular entertainment show known as the STAR and lots more.

6. Go on a holiday

Lakewood Ranch is home to the Holiday Inn which is the perfect holiday spot to enjoy your holiday with family and friends. It offers you access to almost every LWR activities, swimming, gazing out at the lake and high-class dining at the restaurant within the premises of the Holiday Inn. They offer you the best steaks at the Alamo Steakhouse.

7. Turn up the beats and tap your feet

Turn up the beats and tap your feet with some of the live music bands in the local area. If you are a music enthusiast you will love this place and you will frequent it often. They perform some of the best musical shows in the evening with a cool breeze blowing through your hair. Be in sync with the feet thumping music,  indulge in mouth-watering local cuisine, shop to your heart's content and drink some of the best cocktails and mocktails.

8. Blend in with the locals

The streets of Lakewood ranch is like a free Mega Block Party that leaves you craving for more fun and entertainment. It is popular for Its easy snacks, kids friendly activities, horse rides dancing and singing along with the local musical bands, horse races, and lots more. The locals are friendly and you can chat up with them the locals for more insider tips to enjoy your holiday.

9. Take a swing at the Country Club  and the Golf courses

Lakewood Ranch is popular for its golfing activities and one must never waste all the opportunities that it offers you. One of the popular places to visit in Lakewood Ranch United States the University Park Country Club, where you can indulge in some good golfing. The University Park Country Club opens its exquisite Grounds to the public and it comes with an added bonus of watching wildlife. It is also the perfect spot for Bird watchers where you can keep an eye out for your feathered colorful friends or spot gators while you practice your golf swings.

10. Tantalize your  taste buds with the local food

The high-end restaurants of Lakewood ranch offer exciting and delicious looking cuisine on the menu, that gets your eyes, tummy and all of your senses in Action. One of the points of interest at Lakewood ranch United States where you get good food is at the Lucky Pelican Bistro. Here you are served with the best seafood that ranges from fish, selfish, prawns, crab, oysters and lots more. Here you get the best of gourmet seafood. They also serve some amazing cocktails and drinks at the selfish bar and yellowtail collar. You get to choose from several impressive options whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore.

11. Fish markets in abundance

Lakewood Ranch also has its very own fish market where fresh fish is sold and you get to buy them and experiment various fish delicacies in your very own kitchen.

12. Be a part of the food fest

Every year, Lakewood ranch conducts its very own food fest. It is here that tourist and visit us from all over the world as well as the locals flock to be a part of the sun coast food and wine fest. This food fest takes place in the fall and the locals of the sample to dig your teeth into once upon some of the finest wines in different varieties. The food sample comes from the various restaurants that are scattered all over Lakewood ranch. At this food fest, food stalls are set up all over the place in an organized manner and install gives out mouth-watering aroma of all your favorite food in one place. It is a unique experience that gets you wishing to sample each and every variety of food available at the food fest.

13. Get in touch with your inner zen at the heron's nest nature reserve

At the heron's nest nature reserve, tourists and visitors from all over the world get an opportunity where they can explore the backcountry of Lakewood ranch in its natural state. The beauty is amazing that it just beckons and call out to everyone to explore one's surroundings more. You get to explore several trails that are surrounded by mother nature, oak trees and Crystal Blue lakes. This heron's nest nature reserve is bursting with birds and wildlife everywhere you look. It is the perfect spot for you to slow down your fast-paced life and blending with the beauty of nature with a peaceful and calm mind in a natural habitat.

14. Walk on the wild side

Lakewood ranch Is populous forest wild side and the wilderness around. One of the major tourist attractions at Lakewood Ranch in the United States is its juice and the surrounding wilderness. The various reasons as to why Lakewood Ranch is frequented by tourists and visitors from all over the world is because of its wildlife and other creatures that range from critters, towards commerce next, gators, crocodiles, spiders, flora, and fauna. Walk along the wildlife trailer and come face to face with extraordinary spiders, colorful feathered friend, the Snappy alligators, wide beak Pelicans, the talkative parents and lots more.

15. Fish in the lake and camp in the wilderness

The crystal clear lake of Lakewood ranch is abundant in fish so you can take your fishing rods along and catch a fish or two, fry it above burning logs of wood and enjoy the evening Breeze while you sit in your tent.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Must see places in Lakewood Ranch ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Lakewood Ranch and point of interests to visit.

  1. Ancient Oak Gun Club

    # 1 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 6 times in trip plans
    Ancient Oak Gun Club Image

    Address: 16800 SR 64 East, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202, USA

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Deanna Weigel

    As of 2/23/16 the location on Google Maps is INCORRECT!!! Ancient Oak Gun Club is 11-12 miles EAST of the red pin on the map! CALL for directions

    Read more
  2. Central Park

    # 2 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 6 times in trip plans
    Central Park Image

    Tags: Park

    Address: 11803 Gramercy Park Ave, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211, USA

    Google Reviews
    Bert Carlos

    Awesome place to call home and the people are very friendly.

    Read more
  3. Harvest United Methodist Church

    # 3 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 6 times in trip plans
    Harvest United Methodist Church Image

    Tags: Church

    Address: 14305 Covenant Way

    Timings: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Daniel Wilmot

    A very community of faith. It has both a traditional service with a beautiful choir and a contemporary service.

    Read more
  4. Lakewood Ranch Cinemas

    # 4 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 7 times in trip plans
    Lakewood Ranch Cinemas Image

    Address: 10715 Rodeo Dr, # 8

    Timings: 01:00 pm - 11:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Key Wester

    My wife and I love this theater. It has a feel of a hometown theater with small screens so, you feel like you're watching a movie with friends. One thing to keep in mind about this theater is that the...

    Read more
  5. Our Lady Of The Angels

    # 5 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 3 times in trip plans
    Our Lady Of The Angels Image

    Address: 12905 E State Road 70

    Timings: 08:30 am - 04:00 pm Details
    Google Reviews
    Fresh Air

    The rudest nesitst catholic church. Beautiful building with many ugly low nesity people including father micheal. U will never be in heaven. U are so fake. Holy

    Read more
  6. St Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church

    # 6 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch
    St Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church Image

    Address: 11315 Palmbrush Trl

    Timings: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Details
    Google Reviews
    Nan Wisner

    After 30 years in Pentacostal churches, I was surprised when I felt the Lord was leading me to M & M (as it's affectionately called). The bottom line for me is "Is the Presence of the Lord here?" Em...

    Read more
  7. Greenbrook Park

    # 7 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 3 times in trip plans
    Greenbrook Park Image

    Address: 6655 Greenbrook Blvd

    Google Reviews
    Sydney Porterfield

    A nice place to live, good schools and yea that's all i can say

    Read more
  8. Sarasota Polo Club

    # 8 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 3 times in trip plans
    Sarasota Polo Club Image

    Address: 8201 Polo Club Ln

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details
  9. Sarasota Baptist Church

    # 9 of 33 Things To Do in Lakewood Ranch | Added 1 time in trip plans
    Sarasota Baptist Church Image

    Address: 5600 Deer Dr

    Timings: 05:30 pm - 08:00 pm Details

Find Your Lakewood Ranch Attractions on Map

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  • Woman's Club Of Palmetto

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • BJ Palmer Historic Home Foundation

    342 N Washington Dr

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  • Terra Ceia Village Improvement Association Hall

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  • Florida Maritime Museum

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    515 10th Ave W

  • Historic Spanish Point

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  • Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy

    2121 N Tamiami Trl

  • South Florida Museum

    201 10th St W

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  • Grand Incentives

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    1301 6th Ave W

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  • Circus Sarasota

    1500 Stringfield Ave

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  • The Spot

    1707 1st St

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  • Truman's Tap & Grill

    11161 E State Road 70

    American Bars
  • Mr. Beery's

    2645 Mall Dr

    Bars American Barbecue
  • Growler's Pub

    2831 N Tamiami Trl

    Bars Restaurants
  • Lelu Coffee Lounge

    5251 Ocean Blvd

    American Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses Bars
  • Big Top Brewing Company

    6111 Porter Way

    Breweries Bars
  • Gecko's Grill & Pub

    5585 Palmer Crossing Cir

    American Bars Barbecue
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  • Bingo Land

    6832 14th St W

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  • One Eyed Jack's Card Room

    5400 Old Bradenton Rd

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  • Jacks Are Wild

    5955 Clark Center Ave

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  • Casino Decor & More

    219 44th Ave E

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Lucky Charms Sweepstakes

    3635 Webber St

    Casinos and Gaming Hotels and Motels
  • The MineGame

    4928 21st Way E

    Casinos and Gaming
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  • De Soto National Memorial

    8300 Desoto Memorial Hwy

    Natural Parks
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  • Lakewood Ranch Adventure Park

    Playgrounds Dog Parks
  • 17th Street Paw Park

    4570 17th St

    Dog Parks
  • Arlington Dog Park

    Waldemere Street

    Dog Parks
  • Happy Tails Dog Park

    4300 S Atlantic Ave

    Dog Parks
  • Heritage Harbour Sales

    7211 Port Harbour Pkwy

    Dog Parks
  • Perico Apartments Dog Park

    11001 Bristol Bay Dr

    Dog Parks
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  • Point of Rocks

    6499 Midnight Pass Rd

  • Anna Maria Beach

    115 3rd St S

  • Longboat Key Beaches

    3465 Gulf of Mexico Dr

  • Beer Can Island

    N Shore Rd

  • Manatee Public Beach

    4000 Gulf Dr

  • Long Boat Key Marina

    2630 Harbourside Dr

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  • Villas At The Meadows

  • Herons Nest Nature Preserve

  • Robinson Preserves Manatee Miles

  • Sharon's At The Meadows

    5013 Ringwood Mdw

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