Family and Kids in Lannion

Looking out for what can you do with kids and family in Lannion? Here are the things that you should not miss out on a family vacation with kids, toddlers, or babies. Discover the ultimate places for kids in Lannion, be it water parks, theme parks, or playgrounds. Children will have fun, learn new things, get good food and will not get bored in long queues. Keep reading to know about awesome places and activities to enjoy with your kids in Lannion.
Plan a marvelous family trip at the budget you are looking without missing the fun!

Let's explore our list of kid-friendly attractions in Lannion for perfect family outings and getaways.

  1. Visit to experience unparalleled fun for kids
    Chateau De Tonquedec

    Family and Kids

    This 12th century castle towers over the Leuger Valley. It is a relic of Britanny’s feudal times. Though it has changed hands over the centuries, and was even dismantled completely in 1622, it is now owned by descendants of the original builders (House of Coëtmen-Penthièvre): Count and Countess Bertrand de Rougé. Its highlights are: The two towers The two metre thick k...Read more
  2. A place for children with all kinds of interests
    Eglise De Brelevenez

    Family and Kids

    The 12th century, pink-granite church towers above Lannion on a hill. It was built by a military religious order. The square bell tower was built in the 15th century; around this same time, the church underwent some Gothic remodelling. Highlights of the church are: The tomb of Guerin in the crypt. A sculpture of the ascension above the door of the sacristy. A clam – A 13th century measur...Read more
  3. A guaranteed fun space for the kids
    Distillerie Warenghem

    Family and Kids

    Brittany’s Armorik single malt whisky is famous, and the Warengheim distillery is the best place to see how it is manufactured. They’ve been distilling whiskey here for over a hundred years now. The trip is really atmospheric, even mystical. It’s cozy and dark, methodical and silent, coppery and warm. Naturally, you must try some of the whiskey before leaving.
  4. Amazing Lannion attraction for kids
    Chapelle Des Ursulines

    Family and Kids

    A 180 metre exhibition space, where, throughout the year, artists come to display and present their work. The works are usually arranged around some particular theme. Once you are through with appreciating the art, do check out the garden and the cloister. The building used to be an abbey or monastery once.
  5. Can keep your kids busy for days
    Vallee Du Leguer

    Family and Kids

    The Leuger Watershed, formed by the Leuger coastal river, is popular with nature lovers. You can cycle or walk the paths around the river or raft it at low tide. It’s also a popular spot for fishing – the river is rich with salmon and trout. Ask the locals in Lannion for their favourite spots to be at, close to the river. The sea is about 10km downstream of the river.
  6. Perfect for kids day out in Lannion

    Family and Kids

    Even though Lannion is not quite on the sea, it still gives its name to the beautiful bay at the mouth of the river Le Leguer. And on this bay, the beach at St-Michel-en-Grève, an enormously long stretch of sand, is nothing less than magic. It’s about 4km in length. When the tide goes out, you can walk out hundreds of metres over the sand and towards the sea. Several important hiki...Read more
  7. Fun place to go for kids
    Tregastel Marine Aquarium


    About a 30 minute drive from Lannion, on the pretty Pink Granite Coast, is this lovely marine aquarium. Its sealife exhibitions mostly cover the animals of underwater Brittany. The aquarium courses through and fun maze of pink granite. There are three Zones: The Embruns: Extreme conditions for life in Brittany The Tide: Sea how life has adopted to the coming and going of water The Depths: Expl...Read more
  8. A cool place to see with kids
    Le Village Gaulois

    Amusement Park, Park

    This family oriented theme park was established in 1986 to recreate a living exhibition of Breton history. It’s set a pretty valley that’s got a stream flowing through it. Kids love the park for the many interactive games and boat rides it offers, and it’s through these that the history of the Bretons comes alive for you. The staff is very engaging. There’s a picnic area...Read more