Best Things To Do in Larnaca, Cyprus

Are you looking for what to do in Larnaca?

There are many seaside activities on offer on the beachfront, as well as shops, outdoor restaurants and kebab vendors.

To do some shopping visit Zenon Kitieos Street, the city’s main shopping area, lined with small shops and market stalls.

If you are a history fanatic there are many museums and sites to be toured such as;the monastery Stavrovouni, the earliest documented monastery on the island, which is dedicated to the Holy Cross Stavrovouni and found on the Stavrovouni Mountain. Or visit The Ancient Kition, found west of Larnaca, a collection of ancient temples built around 13th Century BC, including the Phoenician Temple of Astarte and the city walls, as well as the remains of tombs built of gold, ivory and bronze.

A must see, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement (7000 B.C). A collection of well preserved ruins including; farmer's houses, tombs and defence walls.

You can also visit the Larnaca Fort close to the beachfront; historically a prison, it has been converted into a small archaeological museum with finds from all over Cyprus, and is also used as the Larnaca Municipal Cultural Centre.

Again you have quite a range of options here, consider the following and you will definitely enjoy your stay in Larnaca.

The nightlife in the city is centred around Laiki Yeitonia. This is where you find all the taverns, pubs and cafes. You can try Club Mephis or Scaliano for a unique night experience.

If money is not an issue, you can try the classy pub called the Bailey, they offer the best nightlife experience.

If you are looking for some more entertainment spots you can drive towards Ayia Napa, along Lanarca-Dhekelia road, this is where you find five star hotels and nightclubs. This area is usually full of tourists, so you should expect great fun.



Below we have a list of things to do in Larnaca and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Larnaca getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Larnaca with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Larnaca

Here is the list of things to do in Larnaca and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ayios Lazarus - Church Of Saint Lazarus

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Lazarus, raised by Jesus from the dead, was consecrated Bishop of Kition. This beautiful Byzantine church was built here in the ninth century to house the tomb of the saint. The church has been carefully preserved, from the latin, greek and French inscriptions on it’s porch, the bell tower, to the Roccoco pulpit. Within the church are stored some stupendous icons including the Virgin and ...Read more
  2. Finikoudes Beach And Promenade

    Outdoors, Beach, Walking Area, Leisure

    This beach is considered as one of the famous beach in South Cyprus and has gained its name from the small palm trees that were planted over here, back in 1922. The striking feature of the beach is its cleanliness. Larnaka Municipality has taken special measures to keep this beach clean. Another factor to look forward is the grey beach sand that stretches for kilometers. You can walk along the ...Read more
  3. Larnaca Salt Lake

    4.4 (704 Votes)
    Larnaca Salt Lake

    Waterfront, Lake, Nature

    You know a place is worth visiting when it boasts a legend of it’s own. It’s said that once when Lazarus asked an old woman here for refreshments, she refused and gave the lie of her vines having all dried up. Lazarus cursed her to forevermore suffer dry vines and a salty water. The curse might have actually worked: the water of the lake evaporates in the summer, leaving a salty res...Read more
  4. Hala Sultan Tekke

    4.4 (700 Votes)
    Hala Sultan Tekke

    Mosque, Religious Site

    You  wouldn’t expect a place like this to be one of the most important sites in Muslim history, but there you go. Umm Haram, foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad, died and was buried here. Even before this, more than four thousand years ago, this site was the location of a major Bronze Age settlement with its cemetery where the mosque is now. Surrounded by a beautiful park, the mosq...Read more
  5. Mackenzie Beach

    4.5 (610 Votes)
    Mackenzie Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Leisure, Water Sport

    Just 15 minutes distance away from Pervolia, Mackenzie beach (also known as Makenzy) is located. Its name was given after a Scotsman who set up his restaurant on the beach, just after World War I. The striking feature of this beach is the flat grey sand land, making it suitable for families and children to move around. Facilities like sun beds, umbrellas are available to lie down and relax. Wat...Read more
  6. Larnaca Castle Fort And Museum

    Museum, Historical Site

    At the southern end of the Foinikoudes Promenade lies one of Larnaca is most historically important buildings. Originally just a small fortification, a proper castle was built up here in the late Medieval Age, slowly falling to disuse over the years. The Ottomans, the British and the Germans have all claimed some use of it, usually as a war prison and execution ground. Since then itâ&euro...Read more
  7. Kyriazis Medical Museum

    4.6 (515 Votes)
    Kyriazis Medical Museum


    It is said to be the first medical museum of Cyprus, housed in a traditional mansion that dates back to 1927. It was a non-profitable charitable foundation that aimed at preserving healing arts in Cyprus. Visiting this museum, you get to know about healing-related information. 
  8. Camel Park Mazotos

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Wildlife Park, Restaurant, Swimming Pool

    It is a beautiful camel park, founded in 1998 and offers some of the best adventurous trips to its visitors. This park is located in the countryside of Mazotos village, which is just 15 minutes driving distance away from Larnaca. It has various spots where adults can relax while the kids can enjoy themselves in the swimming pools. For food, a restaurant is there within the park where you can en...Read more
  9. Lefkara Village

    Outdoors, Village

    Visit this picturesque village of Larnaca district when you plan to visit the city. Lefkara village has another name “Lefkaritika” (popularly known) for its local lace and its silverware. This village is located on the southern slopes of Troodos Mountains. Things to see – the museums of lace and silverware; the religious fair that takes place on 13th and 14th September to cele...Read more
  10. Grand Mosque - Djami Kebir

    Mosque, Religious Site, Historical Site

    Next to the Larnaca Fort, Grand Mosque or Djami Kebir (as popularly known) is located. Originally built as the Latin Holy Cross church, the building was later turned into a mosque and has now become the spiritual home of the Muslim community. The present structure of the mosque was done in 19th century. 
  11. Choirokoitia

    4.3 (409 Votes)

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    Dating from the 7th to 4thMillennium, BC this ancient settlement provides a wonderful insight into the development of human society on Cyprus. Important highlights include well preserved circular mud houses, a complex architectural system, a good number of tools, decorations etc. The size of the dwellings suggest that the people who lived here must have been quite short, that they had short lif...Read more
  12. Stavrovouni Monastary

    4.6 (223 Votes)
    Stavrovouni Monastary

    Church, Religious Site, Scenic Drive, Historical Site

    Perched grandly atop a mountain is one of Christianity’s most important destinations. The monastery was founded by St. Helena, mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great, who built it to mark the Holy Cross buried there. The monastery is perhaps the first that was ever built on Cyprus. The Holy Cross that was supposedly housed here has vanished – it is feared that one of the ...Read more
  13. Larnaka Marina

    4.5 (90 Votes)
    Larnaka Marina

    Bar, Beach, Cafe, Restaurant

    Right at the center of the town, Larnaka Marina is situated. It is said to be the official Port of Entry of the city, having a capacity of giving space to nearly 450 yachts. The line palm trees, makes the place more attractive for tourists. For appetizers, many restaurants and cafes and bars are there to choose from.
  14. Ancient Kition

    3.9 (571 Votes)
    Ancient Kition

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    A series of steady excavations over a hundred years starting in the nineteenth century revealed these ruins that date from the 13th Century BC. Kition seems to have been an important site of religious worship and human habitation. Copper smelting was an important industry at the time and Kition might have been a hotspot for it. Following the Mycenean Achaeans, the Phoenicians took over the plac...Read more
  15. Pierides Museum


    Established in 1839, this museum is located right at the center of the city.  The museum holds collection of ancient, medieval, Byzantine and contemporary objects that belonged to the Pierides family. Apart from these, you get to see some important representative items belonging to the civilization of the island, like old maps and charts of Cyprus, prized collection of Greek and Roman glas...Read more