Best Time To Visit Lava Hot Springs

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Best Time To Go To Lava Hot Springs

The climate chart of Lava Hot Spring is divided into four seasons:

Spring (March to May): The temperature in this climate rises upto 67 degree Fahrenheit. However, with pleasant weather this climate also comes with rainfall, especially in the month of March and May.  Though you can visit the hot spring in this season, but limit your travel plan in April as the amount of rainfall is lesser compared to March and May. However, as it is off-season, there is less chance of the place being crowded. Hence, if crowds discourage you then you can choose spring to come to Lava hot spring.

Summer (June to September): The temperature rises upto 86 degree Fahrenheit, especially in the month of July and August. Hence, enjoy the hot spring under such scorching heat doesn’t sound exciting at all.

Autumn (October to November): The temperature slightly lowers down by the end of Autumn. As the outside temperature becomes cooler, spending some time in the hot spring sounds interesting.

Winter (December to February): The temperature is quite low. Hence, if you need to warm up yourself, just dive into the warm waters of the hot springs. If you are planning for family vacation in Lava Hot Springs, obviously choose winter season. However, be prepared to face huge crowd.

Among all these seasons, winter is the most obvious and the best time to visit Lava Hot springs. As an alternate option, spring and autumn are also considered.

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