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Lebanon Overview

Situated on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea in western Asia, Lebanon is a small and beautiful country. Attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists each year, Lebanon has its own charm of unique tradition, culture, and scenic beauty. Here is some of the most important information that can make your Lebanon trip a lot more fun, according to your Lebanon travel guide.

Visa Requirements for Traveling To Lebanon

There are two different ways to obtain the Lebanon visa which is necessary to enter the country. Citizens of the United States of America and some specific countries are allowed to acquire their visas instantly after arriving at the Beirut airport. Except this, one can apply to the Lebanon embassy for a visa in advance. For applying through the embassy one must have a valid passport and other important documents mentioned by the authorities. Though the initial visa allows 1 month of stay, it can be renewed to 3 months if needed.

Best Season to Visit Lebanon 

The best time to visit Lebanon is during the seasons of autumn, spring and summer. You can visit during the spring if witnessing the magnificent blooming landscapes of this country is something you desire. However, autumn (October to November) can be a perfect time too. The months of summer tend to be a bit over-crowded, as it’s the peak season. Therefore, off seasons like spring and autumn, can be the ideal time if you want to avoid the crowd and get better deals on flight and accommodations.

Top Attractions in Lebanon

The small country of Lebanon can be divided into four separate regions, with each having a variety of attractions. From fascinating historical places to picturesque mountains and pristine beaches, Lebanon has so many things to offer to the tourists. Among the best places to visit in Lebanon, National Museum of Beirut, St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Al Fanar beach, Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Laqlouq, Jeita Grotto caves and Bekka valley are some of the most popular attractions. From paragliding to cliff diving, flyboarding and rock climbing, there are plenty of different things to do in Lebanon.

Best Options to Travel within Lebanon

As Lebanon is well connected by air, road and by boat or ferry services, there’s no need to worry about how to reach Lebanon. Once you reach the country, taxi services are the most popular public transport option here that you can avail. Though some towns of this country, such as Beirut, do offer private bus services; there are minibus services between Beirut and all the major cities within the country.

Available Lodging and Eating Options in Lebanon

Lebanon offers all the different kinds of accommodation options. Ranging from top rated fancy hotels to budget friendly lodges, hostels and camping sites Lisbon has a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Le Gray Beirut, Radisson Blue Martinez hotel and Crown Plaza are some of the most popular five-star hotels in Lebanon. The Lebanese cuisine, Demo's restaurant, Yummy Thai, and Sunset can be some of the ideal destinations to taste the Lebanese cuisine.

Witnessing the 7000 years old history, exploring the unique Lebanese culture and experiencing the natural diversity, a trip to Lebanon can be the most memorable experience of your life.

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