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Lesotho Overview

Lesotho is a culturally reach and appealing country of South Africa. It is also known as the kingdom in the sky or the mountain kingdom, due to its high-altitude location. It has so many different experiences to offer to the tourists. The mountains, the rivers, and the valleys create spectacular panoramas that have a tremendous appeal to the tourists. Here are some important tips and informationthat can make your Lesotho trip unforgettable, according to your Lesotho travel guide.

Visa Options for Travelling To Lesotho

Any foreign national willing to enter Lesotho must obtain a Lesotho visa, until unless they are the citizens of those countries that do not require a visa. The citizens of other countries who are allowed to enter Lesotho without a visa can stay there up to 90 days or 14 days, based on the rules of this country. Whether you do need a visa or not, a tourist's passport must be valid for another next six months and need to have at least two blank pages.

Best Time and Weather to Visit Lesotho      

Due to its high-altitude location, this country experiences extreme temperatures in winter and in summer. The best time to visit Lesotho is during the spring when the mountains and valleys are blooming with flowers. If you wish to enjoy the traditions and local customs of this country, try to visit during the Moshoeshoe Day, held on March 11.

Destinations to Cover in Lesotho

Among the best places to visit in Lesotho that is enriched in history, heritage and natural beauty there are some that you just can't miss out. Some of them are the Tse’hlanyane National Park, Semonkong Falls, Royal Archives & Museum, Tsikoane Village Dinosaur of Footprints and Ha Kome Cave Houses. Though it’s a small country, but there are plenty of things to do in Lesotho. From mountain biking to skiing, snowboarding, hiking and quad biking, you can engage yourself in lots of activities here.

Local Transportation Options in Lesotho

If you’re thinking about how to reach Lesotho, then you must know that this country well-connected by air and by road from various important places.  Though this country doesn’t have any train service; but it has plenty of car rentals, taxi and bus services available. The bus services are the cheapest one. However, the car rentals and taxi services are the most popular means of traveling around the country. Booking private cars and taxis is the most preferred option there.

Best Places to Stay and Eat In Lesotho

From the luxurious hotels to self-catering guesthouses and affordable lodges, there are plenty of different accommodation options available in Lesotho. Satisfying the different needs of all the tourists, there are five-star hotels like Maliba Mountain Lodge and AVANI Lesotho Hotel & Casino; and budget hotels like Katse Lodge, Motlejoa guest house etc. Don’t forget to try out the famous Lesotho cuisines while in the country. It is an excellent infusion of British influence and African traditions. PiriPiri, No.7 Restaurant, and Lancers INN Restaurant are some of the best places to try out the common food such as Mealie papa, peanut stew, and beetroot salad.

Creating a heavenly atmosphere while providing fantastic experiences, the mesmerizing country of Lesotho is going to be there in your memories forever.

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