Events and Festivals in Lhasa

Events and Festivals

Xinshi Langma Hall

Watch traditional Tibetan singing and dancing, while there are multiple similar venues around the city this remains one of the most authentic.

Shangri-La Restaurant (Xianggellia Zangshi) inside the Kirey Hotel

Performing an amusing child friendly Tibetan style pantomime every night of the year, make a booking if you go between July and September to avoid missing it. Entry Fee: 60 RMB including dinner.

Off the Beaten Track

You'll need proper permits if you want to leave Lhasa, so make sure you get these before travelling unless you want to face police harassment and stiff fines.


Take a couple of days or more to explore the spiritual home of Buddhism in Tibet, and if you venture out past Sanye you can check out some hermitages in Chimpu too.

Be Aware Of

Altitude Sickness – Lhassa is nearly 4km above sea level and altitude sickness can set in if you come from a much lower destination. Read up on precautions and treatment before you go.

No hats, shorts, or tank tops in shrines and temples and always leave a small donation. Don't eat garlic before you go in.

Walk round sacred objects clockwise (follow the lead of locals).

Lhasa's nightlife isn't much to write home about and the city is much better known for its culture than its drinking, though there are more than a few KTV's livening up the place

In keeping with local culture there are hundreds of restaurants in the city, the best value is to be had from those places specialising in local food – which also tastes better than some of the other more expensive eateries.


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