How to Reach Lhasa - The Easiest Way to Reach Lhasa


You'll be able to get around the old heart of the city easily on foot, though watch out for traffic as the pedestrian comes last in priority on pavements and roadways.


You can get around the city relatively easily on buses but be sure of your route before setting off, as there will be very little spoken English on public transport.


Taxis are available almost everywhere and reasonably priced, though watch out for scammers who refuse to use their meter from the station (it should cost about 40 RMB to get into town). Cycle taxis are also prevalent.


You can take a train from Lhasa to some of the major Chinese cities, as long as you have the correct visas in place to do so. During Chinese New Year this may be impossible,


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How to Reach Lhasa from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Kolkata to Lhasa 303.52 km 5 hours 3 mins
Kuala lumpur to Lhasa 1190.59 km 19 hours 50 mins
Gampaha to Lhasa 1223.52 km 20 hours 23 mins
Melaka to Lhasa 1264.56 km 21 hours 4 mins
Bangalore to Lhasa 1497.22 km 24 hours 57 mins
Hsinchu to Lhasa 3319.74 km 55 hours 19 mins
Melbourne to Lhasa 6062.15 km 101 hours 2 mins
Mortdale to Lhasa 6734.28 km 112 hours 14 mins
Brussels to Lhasa 9632.6 km 160 hours 32 mins
Kirkland to Lhasa 16308.19 km 271 hours 48 mins