Best Things To Do in Lille, France

Are you looking for what to do in Lille?

You might have a list of things to do in Lille and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Places like La Vielle Bourse And La Furet Du Nord and Grande Place will make sure your dream destinations are ticked off. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

With so many world-famous sites and attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in Lille can be a daunting task. Visiting selective places and carrying the best memories is the best alternative. Don’t rush to see all of the attractions in Lille on your first trip itself.

Lille is the type of city that you will love to visit again and again. Every time you revisit Lille you can keep unfolding the different sides of it. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Lille getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Lille with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Lille

Here is the list of things to do in Lille and tourist attractions in city.

  1. La Vielle Bourse And La Furet Du Nord

    Architecture , Book Shop

    In the 1600’s, Lillois banker and traders who were fed up with their unhealthy living accommodation agitated to the Magistrate to build them a worthier living quarter. They were gifted what’s possibly the most beautiful bit of architecture in the entire city – 24 identical, ornately decorated three-storied buildings built in Flemish Renaissance style, surrounding an interior r...Read more
  2. Grande Place

    Bar, Walking Area, Historical Site, Statue

    What’s a European city without a historic square at its heart? In the 11th century this was a wheat market; and today it’s the gathering place for the city’s people and the city’s spirit. With attractions like the old stock exchange, Europe’s largest book store; a great range of restaurants, bars and cafeterias, all arranged prettily along charming little terraces;...Read more
  3. Palace Of Fine Arts, Le Palais Des Beaux Arts De Lille

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Palace

    Napoleon Bonaparte himself ordered this museum to be constructed. It’s the largest French museum outside Paris and has been open since 1809. It’s fairy-tale like Belle-Epoque architecture is only a slight indicator of the treasures that lie within. It’s collection is divided into Antiquities, Middle Ages and Renaissance; 7th-century paintings; 18th- and 19th-century paintings,...Read more
  4. Parc De Zoologique

    4.1 (724 Votes)
    Parc De Zoologique


    It’s not the biggest or the grandest of zoos, but when you’re getting to see 400 animals over a hundred species for free, then you really can’t complain. The zoo is actually quite a cute way to spend the day, especially if you’ve got kids. It’s free entrance actually draws a lot more visitors the you’d expect: 1.4 million annually, making it the 4th most popu...Read more
  5. Rue De Bethune

    Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Shopping Center

    Shopping. All of Lille’s important shopping is done here. Café’s shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques along a bustling cobblestone road frequented by tourists – an almost cliché image of the towns of Europe, yet almost compulsory. To check out include a brassiere named Au Moules, the galleries Lafayette, the place Rihour and the cinema. Even if you’re emp...Read more
  6. Musee Hospice Comtesse

    4.2 (410 Votes)
    Musee Hospice Comtesse

    Museum, History Museum

    A poorhouse that has long been given the kindly recognition of a hospice, the place is now a museum that documents it’s own history and the socio-political history of Lille from the 13th to the 18th Century. The managers have retained the warren-like feel of the place, an effect carried over from it’s very beginning – when in 1237, Jeanne, Countess of Flanders established the ...Read more
  7. Notre Dame De La Treille

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    Notre Dame De La Treille

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Inspired by a 12th century figure of the Virgin, the nobility of Lille decided to erect a Cathedral following the Gothic traditions of the 13th century. The building started in the late nineteenth century but it took almost a century for it to complete. Ironically, the very figurine for which the building was erected was stolen in 1959, and now a replica rests in its place. Noted for it’s...Read more
  8. Le Tripostal

    4.3 (582 Votes)
    Le Tripostal

    Art Museum, Exhibition

    The name gives it away; this place has something to do with the post. It’s function once was no more than to sort the post that came through its doors; today it’s one the town’s foremost exhibition venues, especially for travelling contemporary art. Its presentation range from the bizarre (an elephant hanging by its trunk – Ice Age 2 anyone?) to sexuality tucked away in ...Read more
  9. Museum Of Natural History Or Musee D'histoire Naturelle De Lille

    Natural History Museum

    Founded by the Lille Society of Science, Agricultural and the Arts in 1816, this education centred museum has never ceased to expand its collections using any available means to do so. It’s exhibitions cover three main sciences – zoology (110 000 samples including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, molusc, insect and arachnids – including live and extinct exhibits.), geology ( 20...Read more
  10. Lille Metropole Museum Of Modern, Contemporary And Outsider Art

    Art Museum, Art Gallery

    On the rolling greens close to Lille University, the LAM stands proud and elegant as the ordained 4th Museum of France. Before you even step into the museum, the sight of some magnificent sculptures scattered over the grounds greets you. 50 years of modern art (1900 – 1950’s) covering the Cubists, the Surrealists, and the Fauvists amongst others by such masters as Braque, Bernard Bu...Read more
  11. Saint Maurices Church

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    Saint Maurices Church

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    While it may not have as rich a history as other European churches, this gothic style hall church in Lille’s historic centre is nevertheless regal and imposing. Construction started at the end of the fourteenth century and went on for more than four hundred years after, with completion only in the 19th century. It’s noted for it’s pipe organs, stained glass windows, Gothic Fur...Read more
  12. La Vieille Bourse

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    La Vieille Bourse

    Monument, Architecture

    Built in between 1652 to 1653, La Vieille Bourse is a historical monument that would take your breath away. The building is constructed in the Renaissance Flemish style of architecture and radiates an elegant charm. Having served as a stock exchange building during olden times, it is witness to the rich history and economy of Lille. This 17th-century building is now a complex that sells a vari...Read more
  13. Place Charles De Gaulle

    Square, Neighborhoods

    Place Charles de Gaulle is a bustling square in Lille, France. It is considered to be a historic and main square of the city. The square is a happening place since it always the center for many events and celebrations. It is always crowded with tourists and locals alike. The square is surrounded by many notable buildings, eight out of which are listed as historic monuments. A few of these inclu...Read more
  14. La Citadelle
    This interesting example of defensive military architecture is a bit further from the city centre. The building was designed by a famous French military architect, Vauban, during the reign of Louis the Fourteenth. 
  15. Marche De Wazemmes


    Lille’s open market is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Vendors sell everything from books and stationery to perfume and underwear as well as flowers. Make sure you grab a bag of fresh Clementines, flowers and chicken and roast potatoes for lunch.