Best Things To Do in Limassol, Cyprus

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  • The Limassol Old Town is recently renovated, especially around the Limassol Castle area and is worth visiting.
  • The Limassol Castle which was built by the Byzantines around 1000 AD is a landmark of Limassol and historical centre of the city. It has a museum and a collection of paintings, tombstones, statues, suits of armor, coins, terracotta, metal ware, pottery, glass, marble art & crafts, cannons and wood carvings that date back to the 17th and 18th century. The castle was also used as a prison during 1790 AD to 1940 AD. It also covers artifacts from 400 to 1870 AD.
  • Akti Olympion, a 7-km beach-side walking park area stretching from Municipal Gardens to the Old Port.
  • The ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion is located between the Limassol. The Kolossi Castle is also a place of historical significance.
  • The archeological museum has an interesting collection of rare findings from the Neolithic Age to the Roman period.
  • The folk art Museum has an exquisite collection of national costumes, tapestry, embroidery, wooden chests, waistcoats, men’s jackets, and necklaces, variety of light clothes, town costumes and country tools from the last 200 years.
  • Governor's Beach is a long sandy beach with a beautiful white stone coast to the west.
  • If you like bird watching, Lady's Mile Beach just outside Limassol) is a place you shouldn't miss out.
  • The public garden is a home to deer, moufflon, ostriches, pheasants, tigers, lions, monkeys, vultures, pelicans and different kinds of birds. You will also find the huge plantations of eucalyptus trees, pine trees and cypresses; a long walk within the garden is a pleasant experience.


  • Catch up with the various festivals like Yermasogeia Flower Festival (May), Festival of the Flood (June), Shakespearean nights and Festival of Ancient Greek Drama. The Wine Festival of Cyprus which is celebrated in September is a heaven for wine lovers. The most favorite among the locals and tourists is the vibrant and colorful Limassol Carnival.
  • You could relax at any of the beautiful beaches or take a walk on the seafront at Akti Olympion in the evening.
  • The Potamos Yermasoyias (aka "Galatex") has plenty of night clubs and a hustling nightlife which will get you in the party mood.
  • Anexartisias street in the Old Town is the popular shopping area among the tourists as well as locals. The bath and beauty products are famous in Limassol. You could also shop at any of the western style super markets.
  • You can drive down to the Kourion (15 km) area which offers sites of historic importance, namely The House of Achilles, and The Altar of Appollo and spectacular views of the Curium Beach.
  • The traditional buzukia is a nice way of exploring the live music of Cyprus.
  • Taste the Kebabs, Mousaka or Kleftiko and traditional Cyprus Meze (either of the meat or fish variety) which is the speciality of Limassol. Commandaria and Zivania are the unique drinks of Limassol that you must try out!
  • Visit the home games of the local clubs: AEL, Apollonas and Aris to enjoy a game of soccer and basketball.

Below we have a list of things to do in Limassol and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Limassol getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Limassol with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Limassol

Here is the list of things to do in Limassol and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Kourion

    Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

    Ancient cities are one of Cyprus’s most popular and enduring tourist attractions. Kourion is definitely one of the most fascinating. The city passed through three great periods of civilisation: Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian, and bears the hallmarks of all three. Visitors to the site are treated to: lovely walks around the agora (marketplace) an early Christian Basilica, public b...Read more
  2. Fasouri Watermania

    4.5 (360 Votes)
    Fasouri Watermania

    Outdoors, Amusement Park, Water Park, Entertainment

    With waterparks everywhere, the attractions are pretty standard. You’ll know exactly what to expect. The only thing that sets them apart is how well they do what they do. So it’s really good news when you hear that this one has the biggest wave pool in Europe and a really long lazy river. Quick staff, good food, spotless environment are only the perks. There’s a massage parlou...Read more
  3. Omodos Village

    Outdoors, Village

    This village is surprisingly, stunningly pretty. It’s like something out of a Greek folktale. It’s name means “to proceed with caution” and one can only imagine what sort of origin story brought that about. Lovely little building, cute little streets and alleyways, intelligently placed shrubs, vine and potted plants all surrounded by a mountainous region. The village is ...Read more
  4. Kolossi Castle

    4.4 (788 Votes)
    Kolossi Castle

    Castle, Historical Site

    Perhaps there’s not much to see here but with a little knowledge of medieval battle tactics, you can fill in the blanks with your imagination. Classic battle tactics like pouring molten lead or boiling oil onto the heads of defenceless prisoners were practiced here. A drawbridge leads to the single remaining fortified tower house that had two chambers on the ground level and another two u...Read more
  5. Limassol Castle

    4.3 (189 Votes)
    Limassol Castle

    Outdoors, Castle, Historical Site

    Seen a lot of action, this castle has. What you see today is not really what it used to look like when it was first built. A 4th century Christian basilica once stood here, and the fort was built over it. Right from when it’s construction finished, the castle was attacked and attacked again, taking much structural damage till the Ottomans conquered in the 14th century. When the Venetians ...Read more
  6. Lady's Mile Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Entertainment

    This beach is more popular with the locals than it is with tourists. It’s not as pretty looking as Cyprus’s other beaches, but that makes it much quieter. Seven straight km of undeveloped sand make it a great place for an hour or two of uninterrupted strolling. That’s not to say there aren’t any amenities: there’s a nice cafeteria here from where you can rent the u...Read more
  7. Akti Olympion Promenade

    Outdoors, Beach, Cafe, Restaurant

    This is a Cyprus seaside town. There will be beaches, and there will be warm waters. Cafes and restaurants run along this pretty walk. Palm trees, sunlight and wide-open spaces make it an excellent spot for some photography. It’s only about a kilometre long, but like all Cypriotc beaches, manages to pack a lot of things to do within that space. It’s been recently completely redesign...Read more
  8. Limassol Zoo

    4.3 (208 Votes)
    Limassol Zoo

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Wildlife Park, Zoo

    Not only the biggest zoo in the world, but also the most interesting zoo in Cyprus. Lions, tigers, bears, panthers, zebras, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, vultures, emu, falcons, Asian otters, Cyprus oxen, Egyptian geese, Cuban boa constrictors and macaws are only some of the zoo’s 300 animals. The limassol zoo recently underwent a lot of renovation and redesign to keep up with modern...Read more
  9. Amathus

    4.8 (130 Votes)

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

    Yet another one of Cyprus’ archaeological gems. The city was an extremely important royal homestead in ancient times. It’s suspected that this was a settlement since 1100BC, and that Heracles himself lived here for a while, the city founded by one of his sons. Greeks, Phoenicians, Hellenes, and Levantines all made port here. One of the principle establishments was the Temple Of Aphr...Read more
  10. Governor's Beach

    4.3 (104 Votes)
    Governor's Beach

    Outdoors, Beach

    More private than other beaches in Limassol, the place a quiet magnificence that only remoteness can bring. A beautiful combination of sands, shallow blue waters and picturesque rock pols set it apart from other beaches. It’s perfect for lazing away. A white marble cliff encloses parts of the beach, creating beautiful and nearly private coves of golden sands. The best part about lunging a...Read more
  11. Kourion Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Waterfront, Entertainment

    This windy, stony beach is a favourite with kite-surfers. Lovely white cliffs surround it. Rent umbrellas and sunbeds from the cute little eateries that line the beach – they should cost you about EUR 4. The ground is somewhat stony, but the water is very shallow – families with kids may prefer it that way. The eastern end of the beach, however, is unsafe for swimming – note t...Read more
  12. Oleastro Olive Park And Museum

    Museum, Park, Specialty Museum

    The Olive plant has a long history in Cyprus, and this is the place to learn about it. The museum takes you through the history of olice cultivation in the region, and if you visit during winter (October – February), you’ll even be able to see olive-oil extraction in action. There are also exhibits on the role olives plays in Cypriote culture, and the various professions associated ...Read more
  13. Donkey Sanctuary

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Nature

    Donkeys have friends too. Mary and Patrick Skinner of Vouni have always loved these gentle animals, and since 1994, have seen the number of their pets expand from 3 to nearly 100. Most of the pets they take in are elderly, frail or unwanted – the family provided intensive care for them. To pay for this care, the family urges kids and adults alike to ‘adopt a donkey’. Your visi...Read more
  14. Columbia Plaza

    3.9 (104 Votes)
    Columbia Plaza

    Cafe, Restaurant, Entertainment, Performance

    In Limassol’s Old Town, this attraction serves up a fantastic combo of good eating and nightlife. The steakhouse here is renowned, and so is the La Boca Italian restaurant. The terraced layout and seating is wonderful. There is also a café, beautifully decorated, that’s a great place to while away many hours. But the 7Seas nightclub takes the crown. They have live music once ...Read more
  15. Cyprus Motor Museum

    4.9 (44 Votes)
    Cyprus Motor Museum

    Museum, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    1000 square metres of some of the most iconic cars ever, beginning from a Ford T from 1912 to trendy collectibles from 2004. Most of the cars here have some cultural or spiritual connection to Cyprus – they are historically significant. For example: A presidential Cadillac donated by USA in 1977. The Green Mini from Mr. Bean movies. A Rover P5 used by Margaret Thatcher. There is also an...Read more

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