Best Things To Do in Limerick, Ireland

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Limerick has some of the best tourist attractions in Ireland with its rich museums, story-bearing monuments and medieval streets which make it the perfect Irish getaway. Some of the most popular places to see in Limerick are:

  • King John's Castle: Built in the 13th century, the King John’s Castle is located on an island off Limerick. The site dates back to 992 AD as a Viking site but the castle was built under King John’s orders years later. The castle is one of the best maintained forts in the whole of Ireland and is known for its stoic beauty and magnanimous architecture.
  • The Hunt Museum: Originally located in the premises of University of Limerick, the Hunt Museum was moved to its present location -Customs House building in 1997. The Museum is a family endeavour of a couple who were art dealers by profession and collected artefacts more for their own curiosity than for commercial use. Today the museum consists of over 2000 artefacts including the oldest articles of ancient Egyptian and Stone-age origin.
  • St Mary's Cathedral: St Mary’s Church is a cathedral dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary. Also known as Limerick Cathedral, it is now one of three cathedrals in the United Dioceses of Limerick and Killaloe. The oldest building in Limerick which functions till date, the Cathedral is sure to charm you with its majestic architecture, intricate design and an overwhelming spiritual ambience.
  • Thomond Park: Munster has an adopted religion- Rugby and Limerick’s Thomond Park is no less than a place of worship. The stadium houses regular rugby matches and is popular for its fanatics especially during matches. On a match day, the stadium livens up with songs, cheers and an energy that is hard to define.
  • St. John's Cathedral: St. John's Cathedral in Limerick, Ireland was built in 1861- replacing an old chapel founded in 1753. The cathedral is designed by the architect Philip Charles Hardwick. Known for its old-world charm and simple elegant structures, the Cathedral adds another pinch of history to Limerick’s rich past.


The nightlife in Limerick is vibrant although there are more pubs than clubs here. Limerick is always high on music and Guinness is a personal favourite of every tourist while listening to some good music.

  • Icon Nightclub: The Nightclub is known for foot-tapping disco music and a smaller RnB music cabin. Grab a pint of beer to sway to some of the best international chart music. Buzzing on weekends, the Icon is a must if you want to explore the local youth-life in Limerick.
  • The Sinbin: A club for the sport fanatic in you, the Sinbin Pub is heavily crowded during rugby matches. The food is delicious and generous in amount while the beer is sure to unwind your stressed day.

Below we have a list of things to do in Limerick and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Limerick getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Limerick with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Limerick

Here is the list of things to do in Limerick and tourist attractions in city.

  1. King John's Castle

    4.4 (1794 Votes)
    King John's Castle

    Outdoors, Observatory, Castle, Historical Site

    Although establishments date back to 922 AD, the catsle was built in the 13th century on the orders of King John. A pristine and strategic location, the castle was built on an Island off the coast of Limerick. in 1194, the Anglo-Normans finally captured the area in 1195 under John, Lord of Ireland. In 1197, local legend claims Limerick was given its first charter and its fir...Read more
  2. The Hunt Museum

    4.3 (1219 Votes)
    The Hunt Museum

    Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    Initially established as a personal collection, the 2000-plus items are from the private collection of the late John and Gertrude Hunt. Originally located at the University of Limerick the museum was later moved to its own premises in the Customs House of Limerick. One of the most lenient museums in the whole of Ireland you are allowed to open drawer and touch some of the artefacts. Highlights ...Read more
  3. Lough Gur Heritage Centre

    4.6 (902 Votes)
    Lough Gur Heritage Centre

    Museum, History Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    Nestled close to Lough Gur, the heritage centre is an all-activity ground for tourists. The serene lake with its beautiful view is a home away from home for any nature and history lover. Highlights include: Historic Museum: Includes stone-age, bronze age, iron age, early Christian period and medieval and post medieval artefacts. Tours: Including guided tour of the whole premises, walking tour,...Read more
  4. St Mary's Cathedral

    4.5 (1511 Votes)
    St Mary's Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Observatory, Architecture

    One of the most popular cathedrals in Ireland, the St. Mary’s Cathedral at Limerick is said to be a refurbished castle. The west door is said to be the palace’s original entrance gateway. Highlights include: The tower which is 13 metres tall Ethereal Architecture Stained Glass work The church is often used for musical performances and is a major tourist attraction all around the y...Read more
  5. Limerick Racecourse

    4.4 (1152 Votes)
    Limerick Racecourse

    Outdoors, Stadium, Observatory, Educational Site

    The perfect spot for horse-race lovers, the Limerick racecourse is a delight to spend a sunny day at. They have the best facilities and amenities offers in racecourses all over Ireland. Located 6 kilometres south of Limerick City, the racecourse is nothing short of an adrenaline rush. Highlights Include: Panoramic Restaurant: To have a fine dining experience while watching horse-races. Private...Read more
  6. Thomond Park

    4.8 (1438 Votes)
    Thomond Park

    Outdoors, Stadium, Observatory, Educational Site

    The Thomond Park stadium is as good as a place of worship for Rugby fanatics in limerick. Rugby is a religion here and the Thomond park is nothing short of an experience during one of the regular matches. A home-stadium for many US artists like Bob Dylan and Pink to add to a long list, the stadium is popular for its thunderous noises during events. The stadium is functional since the 1940s and ...Read more
  7. Frank Mccourt Museum

    4.4 (752 Votes)
    Frank Mccourt Museum

    Observatory, Educational Site

    The Frank McCourt Museum is located on the Hratstonge street, in the heart of Limerick City. Dedicated to the famous Pulitzer Prize winner, Frank McCourt Museum is sure to scratch the curious bone in you. Highlights include: Replica school house Rooms with 'Little Italy' Priceless documents The museum breathes life into the author’s famous work – “Angela’s Ashes’...Read more
  8. Mill Market

    4.5 (996 Votes)
    Mill Market

    Outdoors, Observatory, Food And Drinks, Market

    The Mill market is a stop-market where you can buy everything from gift articles, artefacts to meats, cheeses, wines, fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy products and more! The market houses some of the best events like meditation and Tai Chi camps, live concerts, workshops and a sea of other events throughout the year. Visitors love to visit the Mill Market to spend their mornings doing somethi...Read more
  9. Limerick City Walking Tour

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Walking Area, Adventure

    The Limerick City Walking Tour is truly the best way to fathom Limerick through its troubled past to its present day tourist hub. The tour covers all the major attractions as well as the spots which are easily ignored by tourists- making the experience an intimate one. They arrange 2 tours: Limerick City Tour Angela’s Ashes Tour The guides are a treat to take a walk with. The storytelli...Read more
  10. Ballyhoura Mountains

    4.5 (761 Votes)
    Ballyhoura Mountains

    Outdoors, Observatory, Educational Site, Play

    Extending for 6 miles on the border of counties Limerick and Cork, the Ballyhoura Mountains is the perfect spot for adventure tourists. Highlights include: Biking Trails Walking Trails Heritage Trail Horse-riding Adventure activities including sports cars, extreme sports, shooting etc. Visitors love to spend a whole day here.
  11. Dolan's Pub

    4.6 (1192 Votes)
    Dolan's Pub

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Entertainment, Neighborhoods

    One of the most famous pubs in the whole of Ireland, Dolan’s Pub is known for housing some of the bets artists internationally like Villagers, Rodriquez and Gabriella, Hawk, Paul Brady-  to name a few. The pub is always swarming with music enthusiasts and is known for their sold-our live performances. The place has a palatable food menu including breakfast, finger-foods and pre-gigs ...Read more
  12. Limerick City Gallery Of Art Or LCGA

    Art Gallery, Observatory, Educational Site

    One of the most elegant and wide gallery of art in Ireland, the LCGA is known for featuring trending painters, photographers, sculptors and anyone who justifies a new art form. The Gallery houses permanent works of Henry, Armstrong and other anonymous artists. Tourists love to take a walk to this intimate gallery while the café is a local favourite.
  13. St John's Cathedral

    4.7 (994 Votes)
    St John's Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Observatory, Educational Site

    A walk through history, the Cathedral is located in the quieter part of the city. As of present, the church has the tallest spiral in the whole of Ireland. Highlights include: Raw-ethnic architecture true to Ireland Beautiful interiors with popular mass Tourists love to take a stroll around the cathedral taking pictures all around its majestic presence.
  14. Flannery's Bar

    4.3 (1043 Votes)
    Flannery's Bar

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Pubs, Entertainment

    One of the biggest and most popular pubs in Limerick, Flannery’s Bar is located on Denmark Street. The pub has 3 bars and a front deck which overlooks a courtyard. The owner- Micheal Flannery is a treat to share a pint with while the staff is friendly. The pub itself has a friendly, cosy vibe with a distinct old-world charm. The wooden bar and roofing with metal embellishments and raw bri...Read more
  15. Angela's She's Walking Tour

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Adventure, Neighborhoods

    Based on one of the most iconic books written by an Irish author- Angela’s Ashes, ‘Angela’s She’s Walking Tour’ is an experience in itself. The tour covers all the places mentioned in the book, giving a first-hand experience of how the author- Frank McCourt envisaged 1930s Limerick .Even though some of the places in the novel no longer exist, the places that do- li...Read more