Best Things To Do in Linz, Austria

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  • Mariendom Linz: The longest church in Austria, with some stunning stained glass windows.
  • Ars Electronica Center: A futuristic looking exhibition centre that is Linz’s most popular attraction, especially for kids.
  • Hauptplatz: Linz’s main square is one of Austria’s largest public spaces. Great landmarks and cafes line its sides.
  • Postlingbergbahn: A cute mountain tram that takes you up the hill to Postlingberg. It’s one of the steepestadhesion railways in the world.
  • Schlossmuseum Linz: A massive art and culture museum – one of the most important in the country.

Tours and Activities:

  • DonauTouristikGmbh: A cycling outfit that will take you through some of the most scenic spots around. Get a local travel guide to help plan this around your itinerary.
  • NeuesMusiktheater: A terrific opera house that serves beer and sandwiches at your seat.
  • The Cultural Mile: Stretches between Brucknerhaus concert hall and the Lentos art museum and the Ars Electronica Center, along the Danube.

Below we have a list of things to do in Linz and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Linz getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Linz

Here is the list of things to do in Linz and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Postlingbergbahn

    Entertainment, Train Ride

    This little mountain tram, established in the late 19th century, connects Linz’s Hauptplatz (Main Square) with the Postlingberg district that’s on top of a hill north of the city. It’s one of the steepestadhesion railways in the world. Naturally, then, this is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The journey on the train is lovely, even though it’s only about...Read more
  2. Lentos Kunstmuseum

    4.3 (564 Votes)
    Lentos Kunstmuseum

    Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum, Restaurant

    With about 1500 works of paintings and sculpture; 10000 prints and drawings; and 1200 photographs, this museum’s collection of modern art is thought to be one of Australia’s most important. Most of the collection is from the 19th century onwards and also contains significant 20th century interwar period works. There is a good collection of Impressionist and Expressionist art. The bu...Read more
  3. Voestalpine Stahl World- Exhibition & Museum

    Museum, Exhibition

    Voestalpine AG is a steel technology and capital based group of companies and they want to tell you exactly how exciting and important steel is. That is why they’ve set up this museum. You’ll see actual steel production (in a giant melting pot) and move through impressive produces light and sound multimedia exhibits and interactive exhibits. It’s mostly set up for kids, but ad...Read more
  4. Linzer Landhaus

    4.6 (441 Votes)
    Linzer Landhaus

    Historical Site, Concert, Architecture , Heritage Building

    This beautiful 16th century Renaissance building is today the seat of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government. It used to be many things in the past though, including a school at which Johannes Kepler taught for 14 years. Much of the buildings original artwork has unfortunately been destroyed in fires. The main sights for you to see: In the summer, classical concerts are held in the Italian-s...Read more
  5. Plus City

    4.6 (169 Votes)
    Plus City

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Cinema, Mall

    Plus City is where Linz goes shopping – it’s the city’s favourite mall. Clothes, books, cosmetics, restaurants, cinema – they are all here. It’s the best place to go when you’re getting a little weary of touring around, or want to catch the latest movie. Check out the cake shop opposite Spar restaurant and there’s some brilliant Italian food at Marcuspl...Read more
  6. Chelsea Pub

    4.5 (157 Votes)
    Chelsea Pub

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Entertainment

    Irish pubs! Can’t do without them! Foosball, dartboards, trivial pursuit and sports on the TV – what more can you ask for? They have a great selection of international and regional beer, so you’re covered. The finger food is great. There is an area reserved for smokers. Monday nights are trivia nights.
  7. Wallfahrts Basilika

    4.7 (218 Votes)
    Wallfahrts Basilika

    Church, Religious Site

    Soaring above Linz at Potslingberg is this parish church and basilica. It’s name means the ‘Seven Sorrows of Mary’. It was this church’s reputation as an important pilgrimage site that eventually led to the creation of the Potslinbergbahn. It has a very beautiful altar. From the viewing platform outside the church, the views over the city of Graz are nothing less than st...Read more
  8. Landesgalerie

    4.5 (175 Votes)

    Art Museum, Museum, Exhibition

    This is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the province of Upper Austria. It’s main aim is to help integrate the local 20th century art. It has one of the best collections of photographs in the country. It’s successive temporary exhibition showcase 20th and 21st century art. However, the museum’s most famous collection is Kubin’s Cabinet – the world&rsquo...Read more
  9. Frau Dietrich

    4.5 (68 Votes)
    Frau Dietrich


    During prohibition time America, in the 1920, there arose numerous hidden bars were alcohol was served. This bar is modelled on them. It’s name is derived from the famous Marlene Dietrich, the actress, and dietrich, which is a tool used to open doors. The bar is dark, with cozy lights. A brass band plays jazz or blues. The cocktails and the atmosphere is first class. Dress up!
  10. Thusen Tak Rock Pub

    4.5 (160 Votes)
    Thusen Tak Rock Pub

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Entertainment

    They aren’t kidding around here in ThusenTak. The name means ‘A thousand thanks’ but you’ll have to ask the bartender why. It’s a classic rock and roll pub, with pounding music, bass turned up high; the walls plastered with the posters of every rock legend imaginable; and Mike the bartender is a chatty guy. Best of all, you can even surf the web on Wi-Fi.
  11. Linz Airport (Blue Danube Airport) Image
    Linz Airport (Blue Danube Airport), Linz is an international airport located in Linz, Austria. It is the second largest airport in Austria after Vienna International Airport. The airport is located about 5 km (3.1 mi) south of the city center of Linz and is easily accessible by car, bus, and train.The airport was opened in 1938 and was initially used as a military airfield. During World War II,...Read more
  12. Jindrak


    Since 1929, Konditorei Jindrak | Headquarters & Art Café is being appreciated by the local customers and the visitors as it delivers world class pastries and Linzer cakes. Chefs of this confectionary bake the pastries daily using locally available fresh raw materials and they follow traditional recipes of baking. The world famous oldest cake Linzer Torte was invented in the kitchen o...Read more
  13. Old Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    The 17th century monument of Old Cathedral with its baroque architecture, domed towers and magnificent interior designed by Pietro Francesco Carlone, is also known as the Church of Ignatius as well as the Jesuit Church. Under the Diocese of Linz, this cathedral used to serve the community from 1785 till 1909. The two towers on the two sides of the Entrance are topped with domes of onion shape. ...Read more
  14. Trinity Column
    In is situated in the heart of the city in Main Square. It is Austria’s most famous closed square where the Trinity Column stands proudly. It is built of pure white marble stone is a pure beauty in itself. It was built by Sebastian Stumpfegger.
  15. Falafel Fastfood
    If you are looking for something inexpensive junky and tasty then the falafel fast food joint is the right place for you. It has quite a few varieties of falafel sandwiches available for visitors to choose from. It is located in Graben.