Events and Festivals in Lisbon

Lisbon hosts a great number of festivals in the summer, including Festas dos Santos Populares. This Lisbon events and festivals of free exhibitions, concerts, wining and dining is dedicated the three saints: St. Antonio (June 12th–13th); St. Joao (June 23rd–24th) and St. Pedro (June 28th–29th).

  • Doclisboa- Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente: Takes place in the month of October. A must-attend Lisbon festival!
  • Festa do Cinema Frances (French Film Festival): French are known for their exquisite taste in whatever they do. It does not come as a surprise that their films are worth watching in terms of stories and the beautiful execution that they carry it out with. You should definity try to catch a film during this festival in October. 
  • Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival: Takes place from November 4th-13th and is one of the most coveted film festivals of Portugal. 

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