How to Reach Lisbon


  • By Plane: The Aeroporto da Portela, 4 km northeast of the center of Lisbon, is Portugal’s largest hub. There are plenty of flights to Lisbon via this airport.
  • By Car: Lisbon can also be accessed by car via 6 six main highways.
  • By Train: Lisbon has frequent trains from Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Faro and Madrid.
  • By Boat: You can reach Lisbon via boat from Barreiro, Trafaria, Montijo, and Cacilhas.
  • By Bus: All nearby cities and most major cities in Portugal have direct buses to Lisbon. The main bus terminal is at Sete Rios.


  • Older modes of transport: You should definitely once try out the old trams system or even the elevators to get around; it is a great way to move around.
  • Modern subways: To make transport more efficient, there is access to various subways.
  • Public taxis: The taxis are the best way to get around in Lisbon in terms of the convenience of point to point travel.
  • By Bus: There are bus lines in place and you can use them to travel around the city at a cheaper rate.

Much of central Lisbon is also navigable on foot. Travel in Lisbon is pretty convenient.

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