Listvyanka Tourism

Listvyanka is a small town located 70 kilometers away from Irkutsk district in Russia. It’s situated on the western side of Lake Baikal. Listvyanka is the most beautiful town near Baikal Lake. Being on the toe of Baikal Lake, it’s a famous tourist spot in Listvyanka.

Listvyanka is adorned by the cloudy views of Khamar Daban Mountains in the background. Travelers can have a longer stay in Listvyanka as they can go hiking on the Great Baikal Trail or visit the Baikal Museum. Listvyanka has Limnological institute of Russian academy of sciences. It studies man-made reservoirs and lakes in Russia and mainly focus on Lake Baikal in Listvyanka.

The excitement in the town does not end here, tourists can go for boat trips or ice mountain biking. Listvyanka should not be missed out while visiting Russia.

Essential travel information and Listvyanka tips for your visit

  • Carry warm clothes as weather is unpredictable.
  • Medication if necessary.