How to Reach Little Rock


  • By air: The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport sees flights from cities like Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Colorado, Denver etc. You can hire a car/taxi or take bus number 20 to get to Little Rock.
  • By rail: The Amtrak Texas Eagle operates daily services from Chicago, San Antonio and Los Angeles that stop at the Historic Union Station in Little Rock.
  • By road: Greyhound offers bus services to Little Rock from Washington, while Megabus runs services from St. Louis, Dallas, Memphis and Chicago. Little Rock is located on the intersection of US Interstates 30 and 40. I-530 and US Route 167 also get you into the city.


  • By train: The River Rail Trolley system snakes through the major downtown attractions. It is a little slow, but one of the most fun ways to move around in Little Rock.
  • By Bus: You can get anywhere in Little Rock by boarding a bus operated by the Central Arkansas Transit Authority.
  • By Bicycle: It is easy, it is cheap and it is the fastest way to move about town. You will find that quite of number of locals move around town on bicycles. 
Little rock
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  • My Grandmother was born in Little Rock and lived in the section of what is now Historic Homes, My sister and I will be visiting in late April. How do we find that section of homes? I believe it is close to the Interstate Hwy

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    • I am not sure if this information is available. It would be better to ask the locals around as they are the best source of information. 

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