Events and Festivals in Ljubljana

  • Ljubljana Festival: It is the most popular event in Ljubljana calendar. The celebration of this event begins from early July to late August. Music, dance performances, opera and theatres are held at many venues in the city. However, this event’s primary venue is the open-air theatre in Krizanke.
  • Trnfest: This is another cultural event takes place from late July to late August at the KUD France Preseren.
  • Ljubljanska Vinska Pot: In this event, wine makers from around the country comes together in Ljubljana. Visitors are allowed to sample the offerings.
  • City of Women: This event takes place in the first half of October at different venues of the city. In this event, artistic expressions of women are being showcased.
  • Druga Godba: This musical festival takes place every alternate year, from late May to early June.
  • Ana Desetnica Internation Street Theatre Festival: A must visit event for all theatre lovers. Organized by Ana Monro Theatre, this event takes place in either late June or early July. 

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