Best Things To Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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  • Ljubljana Old Town: If you wish to see the true spirit of Ljubljana, visit the Old Town. Replete with historical sights, cafes, bars, nightclubs and open air-market, this region is considered as the liveliest part of the city.
  • Presernov Square (Presernov trg): Visit the famous public square of Ljubljana that is very close to the heart of the locals, till date.
  • Triple Bridge (Tromstovje): The most important bridge of Ljublana that connects the Old Town with the Preseren Square.
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja): Located right above Pogacarjec trg, this church is said to be the most important church in the city.
  • Tivoli City Park: Tivoli City Park is the largest park in Ljubljana where numerous activities are there for both adults and kids.
  • Skycraper (Neboticnik): Looking for a place to get the perfect view of the city? Climb up the observation deck of the Skycraper to get the panoramic view of the entire city.
  • Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljana grad): It is a popular tourist attraction in Ljubljana because of its romantic ambience. The ambience of the castle gives a feel of romance to its visitors.
  • Metelkova: If music is your forte, this colony is a must visit for you.
  • Dragon Bridge: One of the famous bridges of Slovenia, located right at the entrance of Ljubljana. Don’t forget to photograph the bridge and it’s dragon.
  • Central Market: If you wish to go for a picnic and looking for a place to buy fresh fruits and food, come to the Central Market.
  • National Museum of Contemporary History: Want to know what the contemporary history of Slovenia tells you about the past? Visit this famous museum of Ljubljana.
  • Franciscan Church (Franciskanska Cerkev): It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ljubljana that has become a prominent landmark of the Presernov trg Square.
  • Vodnik Square (Vodnikov trg): Are you wondering what else is there to see in Ljubljana? Visit a popular meeting place in Ljubljana where you spend some time to admire the beauty of the city.
  • National Museum of Solvenia (Narodni Muzej Slovenije): This museum lets you visit Ljubljana’s culture through its collections dating back to 5th or 6th century. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Ljubljana and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Ljubljana getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Ljubljana with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Ljubljana

Here is the list of things to do in Ljubljana and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Ljubljana Old Town

    Bar, Outdoors, Walking Area, Cafe

    Nestled over the hilltop of the city and identified with the prominent location of ancient castle, the Old Town is a treat for travel buffs. Clustered with important sights, this old town is accessible only via Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge from the new town. However, to get the best view of this entire town you need to climb up the hill till the ancient Ljubljana Castle. From its viewing tow...Read more
  2. Butcher's Bridge

    Landmark, Bridge

    Do you want to show off your love for your spouse? Come to Butcher’s Bridge. Don’t be scared with the name as it is popularly known as the love bridge among the locals. This is one of the favorite places among the lovers where they lovingly padlock their love and drop the keys in the Ljubljanica River that flows under the bridge. This footbridge spans between the Petkovsek embankmen...Read more
  3. Ljubljana Castle

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    Ljubljana Castle


    Popular being the source of providing romantic atmosphere, Ljubljana castle has turned into the most popular castle of the city. Of course, the grand courtyard of this medieval castle has played an important role for this recognition. This is because, the courtyard offer a brilliant view of Ljubljana. You don’t need to pay any fees if you just want to take a tour in the courtyard. Other t...Read more
  4. Presernov Square


    Placed right at the foot of the symbolic Triple Bridge in the New Town, Preservov Square holds a special place in the heart of the locals as well as the visitors of Ljubljana. On the edge of the riverside and at the mouth of the Old Town, the square has been a starting point for many explorers who are willing to discover the city in their own way. Filled with many shopping boutiques and cafes, ...Read more
  5. Triple Bridge

    Landmark, Bridge

    One of the most prominent landmarks of Ljubljana is the Triple Bridge. It connects the Old Town with the central Preseren Square, running over the Ljubljana River. This appropriately named bridge is a combination of three bridges, among which two of them serves as pedestrian bridge while the last one serves as a car bridge. All these three bridges have blended so well that today these bridges s...Read more
  6. National Museum Of Contemporary History

    Museum, History Museum

    If you wish to know about the contemporary history of Slovenia, this is the place you should visit. Housed in Cekin Mansion, the museum preserves every kind of documents and research work related to that particular period of Slovenian history. Along with its rich collection, the museum authorities also organize different exhibitions and educational programs for children and adults alike. The pr...Read more
  7. Shoemaker's Bridge


    Also known as Cobbler’s bridge, is another important bridge of the city designed by Plecnik. You can locate the bridge from a distance seeing its upstanding pillar, stone balls and supporting lamps. You must be wondering why this bridge is important-It links one portion of the Old Town with the popular region of the New Town which is dominated by painters, musicians, street artists and no...Read more
  8. Fountain Of Three Carniolan Rivers

    Landmark, Monument, Fountain

    If you are in Mestni Trg Square you cannot miss out the striking Baroque monument, known as the Robba Fountain or The Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers. Built between 1743 and 1751 by a famous Venetian Sculptor, Francesco Robba, this fountain is said to be his greatest masterpiece till date. The overall structure of the monument is that of a Roman fountain with three river gods representing th...Read more
  9. Town Hall

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    Town Hall


    History says Ljubljana faced a massive disaster during the earthquake in 1511. In this period many important medieval buildings collapsed. However, many buildings were rebuilt and this Town Hall is one of them. This important building was constructed within Mestni Trg. Today, the building houses the office of the mayor of the city. Besides being a governmental building, the Hall has also turned...Read more
  10. Dragon Bridge

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    Dragon Bridge

    Landmark, Bridge

    As you enter Ljubljana, the Dragon Bridge with a pair of striking green dragons welcomes you. Their fire breathing tongues dangling out and their sculpted wings poised over the bridge makes the dragons more prominent from a distance. According to the local legends, the dragons wag their tail when a virgin crosses the bridge. Sounds so weird, right? Other than this legendary story, the bridge is...Read more
  11. Ljubljana Zoo

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    Ljubljana Zoo

    Outdoors, Zoo, Entertainment

    Nestled along the southern slope of the Roznik Hill, surrounded with woods and meadow makes this zoo as an ideal destination to spend a nice weekend outing with kids. Though it is smaller in size but it has some of the worth seeing features. Its pleasant surrounding makes you take a walking tour within the rich flora and fauna of this zoo. What makes this zoo special is the fun activities where...Read more
  12. Franciscan Church

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    Franciscan Church

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    One of the prominent landmarks of the Prešernov trg Square is Franciscan Church. The structure of the church that you see today was built around 1660 by the Augustinians. However, due to financial instability the construction of the façade got completed in 1700. Till 19th century, the frontal appearance of the church has faced many changes. Step inside the church and you will get ...Read more
  13. National Gallery

    Art Gallery, Museum

    If you wish to learn about the historical arts of Ljubljana, visit the National Gallery that is said to be the first museum on this subject. The museum today holds the largest collection of fine arts from the early Middle Ages to the 20th century. It houses 2 permanent exhibitions where Slovenian artwork and European paintings are put on display. Other than these, it houses temporary art exhibi...Read more
  14. Tivoli City Park

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    Tivoli City Park

    Outdoors, Park, Golf Course, Entertainment

    Nestled within the rolling hills, Tivoli City Park is one of the most beautiful and the largest park of Ljubljana. Situated on the northern outskirts of the central district, the park is fine mixture of pasture, woods, playgrounds and lawns. The best way to take pleasure of the park is to participate in the various activities. The playground is a favorite place for adults and kids alike. Activi...Read more
  15. Slovenian Railway Museum

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    Slovenian Railway Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Housed in an old industrial complex, Slovenian Railway museum revives the old memories where you once again get to see ancient steam locomotives. The entire museum is divided into two sections. One portion of the museum houses collection of old vehicles like coaches, wagons, locomotives and so on. Other portion houses a permanent exhibition that includes various technical parts, rare models and...Read more