Best Things To Do in Llandudno, United Kingdom

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  • Great Orme
  • Great Orme Tramway
  • Great Orme Cable Cars
  • Llandudno Pier
  • Promenade
  • Mostyn Street
  • Home Front Museum
  • Great Orme Copper Mine
  • Happy Valley Gardens
  • West Shore Beach
  • Llandudno Ski Slope
  • Llandudno Museum

Below we have a list of things to do in Llandudno and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Llandudno getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Llandudno with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Llandudno

Here is the list of things to do in Llandudno and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The Great Orme

    4.7 (454 Votes)
    The Great Orme

    Outdoors, Scenic Drive, Adventure, Nature

    The Vikings left no written texts yet they used the Old Norse word to describe the Great Orme. They called it the sea serpent. It was dismal and depressing and though they tried to settle down, there was no permanency. Since then the continual and persistent process of change on Earth bought about a mystical and dynamic change in the Great Orme. Diversified and rare animals and plant life now d...Read more
  2. Llandudno Pier

    4.4 (435 Votes)
    Llandudno Pier


    Step back in time to the Victorian Era, stand on a pier and let your senses take in the sea, perfectly calm and scarcely audible. Gentle ripples of water tap the delicate balustrades and lattice work railing of the Llandudno Pier. The pier is home to a permanent fun fair. Sit on the benches and smell the air, gaze out to see, out to the horizon. You can’t tell where the blue skies ended a...Read more
  3. The Promenade

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Walking Area

    The water is always moving, never the same. The waves seem to make eager haste to caress sand and leave a fringe of lace on the shore. Constantly amending its mysterious majesty, no description can truly capture the beauty of the sea, yet it inspires for miles. This is the Victorian Promenade. The expansive span of sand, shingle and rock extends for 2 miles in a graceful curve between the Littl...Read more
  4. Great Orme Cable Cars

    4.3 (332 Votes)
    Great Orme Cable Cars

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Cable Car

    Experience the expanse of air, as you move smoothly and quietly upwards with a glorious panoramic view beneath you. Be captivated and enthralled by the lush greenery and the stunning beauty of Mother Nature. Look down and you see the Irish Sea stretched out shining and quivering. Take a trip in the Great Orme Aerial Cable Car. The Llandudno Cable Car opened in summer1969 and has been a tourist ...Read more
  5. Great Orme Copper Mine

    4.7 (407 Votes)
    Great Orme Copper Mine

    Mine, Educational Site

    As you navigate through the labyrinth of narrow passages and low ceiling, you become aware of how suffocating the experience was during the Bronze Age 4000 years ago, when men excavated the copper mines with bones and rocks relentless in their effort to find copper. It is cramped and wet and dark inside the mine but it is guarded safely by elves, from the goblins who inhabited the mines and leg...Read more
  6. Home Front Museum

    4.6 (411 Votes)
    Home Front Museum

    Museum, History Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    Imagine a museum taking you back in time and literally letting you experience how life used to be during the bleakest time in history, the Second World War. Step into a portal and witness 6 years of war through the sights and sounds inside the museum and discover how it was won on the home front. To witness this era of horror and how the people at home dealt with it while the cadets were in the...Read more
  7. Llandudno Ski Slope

    4.4 (413 Votes)
    Llandudno Ski Slope

    Outdoors, Park, Entertainment, Adventure

    The ice is like a velvet white ribbon draped over the slope. Hold both ski poles and take the plunge! Feel exhilarating speed and the hiss of snow under your feet as the air whistles past your ears and eyes. The adrenaline, packed with nerve-racking excitement keeps you warm in the heart of this winter wonderland. The slope is made of Perma Snow and is very unique and scenic.Perma Snow is cost ...Read more
  8. West Coast Beach Llandudno

    Outdoors, Beach, Waterfront, Walking Area

    The fiery red sun slowly san beneath the horizon and threads of light shone on the rock pools revealing the tiny creatures that lived in the shallow water. The sky turned orange, then red, then dark blue, until all that was left was a chalky mauve. Soon the moonlight casted brilliant rays with sequin silver stars that glowed like embers. The creatures darted to and fro in search of food. The We...Read more
  9. Alice In Wonderland Town Trail


    Letting you on some delightful reminiscence, the Alice In Wonderland Town Trail is nothing short of a blast from the past. Complete with Mr. White Rabbit, this trail lets you embark on the actual journey that the popular fairytale is based on. It encompasses all the aspects and fictional characters, even mushrooms! A great photo opportunity persists all over this attraction, where you can stan...Read more
  10. Llyn Crafnant

    4.9 (77 Votes)
    Llyn Crafnant

    Lake, Nature

    Explore a popular destination called Llyn Crafnant which is three quarters of a mile lake covering 63 acres. The lake has good access and is well sheltered on all banks from where you can fish.  The lake is a popular fishing spot, and is kept stocked with brown trout and rainbow trout. It has a café from where you can hire boats for fishing or for pleasure. Private boating and swimm...Read more
  11. Christleton House

    4.9 (79 Votes)
    Christleton House Image
    CHRISTLETON HOUSE is a typical Victorian house which will make you feel as if you have been transported back in time owing to the architecture of the building and the furnishings inside. The modern comforts have been beautifully blended well with the traditional elegance and that is what makes staying at CHRISTLETON HOUSE a unique experience. The rooms are fantastic and are well equipped with a...Read more
  12. Happy Valley Gardens

    4.7 (7 Votes)
    Happy Valley Gardens

    Botanical Garden

    Happy Valley Botanical Gardens are definitely one of the most beautiful gardens in Conwy. This garden is supposed to be one of the oldest parks in this province and has been maintained extremely well. It is a great place to connect with the locals as well as enjoy some time at leisure. You can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the gardens which have been built extremely well. More ab...Read more
  13. The Seahorse Restaurant


    The Seahorse Restaurant is renowned as an elegant bistro which serves delicious roasted fish and seafood. Being situated on the shore of River Dark, the restaurant collects fresh shellfish and other variety of fishes and cooks those in an open kitchen. The smoky aroma of the charcoal and the roasted fish delights the taste buds of the people. Besides excellent dishes, The Seahorse Restaurant al...Read more
  14. Holy Trinity

    4.2 (1 Vote)
    Holy Trinity

    Church, Religious Site

    The Holy Trinity Church of Llandudno is one of the most iconic historical churches in Wales. Established in 1872, the Holy Trinity Church has served as the local parish church while also drawing tourists for its elegant architecture and construction. The impressive façade of the Church and its stunning interiors are a must see. Do make it a point to explore the bell tower in the Church p...Read more
  15. Llandudno Museum

    4.1 (348 Votes)
    Llandudno Museum

    Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    Instead of doing the usual walk in and read, get transported to another reality in the Llandudno museum. It houses 13000 years of history under one roof .It will leave you uplifted, stimulated, and you will feel more alive. The museum brings to light an aura of culture that is inspiring and it will stir all your senses: sight, sound and touch. The galleries have exhibits which are primeval, pre...Read more