Best Things To Do in London, United Kingdom

Are you looking for what to do in London?

You might have a list of things to do in London and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Places like The London Eye and British Museum will make sure your dream destinations are ticked off. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

With so many world-famous sites and attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in London can be a daunting task. Visiting selective places and carrying the best memories is the best alternative. Don’t rush to see all of the attractions in London on your first trip itself.

London is the type of city that you will love to visit again and again. Every time you revisit London you can keep unfolding the different sides of it. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your London getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to London with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in London

Here is the list of things to do in London and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The London Eye

    4.5 (56416 Votes)
    The London Eye

    View Point, Entertainment, Rides

    London Eye is easily one of the most visited attractions in the city of London. The construction of the London Eye began in the year 1998. Today, the London Eye is a person’s best opportunity to get a breath-taking panoramic view of the city. The sight of the wheel by itself is something you should definitely not miss out on. But, the 30-minute ride of the entire wheel is another experie...Read more
  2. British Museum

    4.7 (40073 Votes)
    British Museum

    Museum, Landmark

    The British Museum is one of the highlights of London. The museum is home to various collections of paintings, sculptures, antiquities and many other curiosities. It is said that about seven million collection pieces are present in this museum for display. Discovering different cultures and having displays about various themes makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the w...Read more
  3. Tower Of London

    4.6 (37441 Votes)
    Tower Of London

    Landmark, Historical Site, Tower, Architecture

    The Tower of London is a history lover’s paradise. The premises are steeped in history and tell tales of strategic battles and brave conquerors. It is a distinctive historic landmark that enhances the beauty of central London manifold. However, even if you aren’t a big fan of history you will still enjoy this place for its old-timey charm and grandeur. This place is a group of many...Read more
  4. National Gallery

    4.7 (26873 Votes)
    National Gallery

    Art Gallery, Museum, Square, Heritage Building

    Located at Trafalgar square and home to about 2300 beautiful paintings, the national gallery of London should definitely make its way to almost any London itinerary. Set up in 1824, it the fifth most visited museum in the world. The quality and variety of art in this place is beyond words. Some of the world’s most famous paintings are found here. Whether you are an art lover or not this ...Read more
  5. Madame Tussauds Museum

    4.4 (32406 Votes)
    Madame Tussauds Museum

    Specialty Museum

    Madame Tussauds is a worldwide phenomenon now but the magic began in London. For those who haven’t heard of Madame Tussauds, it is a museum of beautiful life-like and life-sized wax figures of famous personalities from all over the world! Moreover, new figures are added very often so there is always something new to see. It is a unique experience and the largest collection of its kind. T...Read more
  6. Victoria And Albert Museum

    4.7 (24318 Votes)
    Victoria And Albert Museum

    Art Gallery, Museum

    Reputed as the world’s greatest art and design museum and often referred to as the V&A, it is home to over 4.5 million objects. The museum was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The museum has 145 galleries showcasing thousands of years of creativity from around the world leading up to the present day exhibits. Visitors can see ceramics, fashion, furnit...Read more
  7. Big Ben London

    4.4 (52577 Votes)
    Big Ben London

    Landmark, Historical Site, Tower, Architecture

    Big Ben is actually a nickname for the 13 ton, 96 metres tall world famous bell and clock tower in London. Big Ben was built in 1859. Big Ben located at Elizabeth Tower, the north end of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London, beside the river Thames.The Big Ben Clock is the second largest (four faced) chiming clock in the world. (The largest is at the Minneapolis City hall in...Read more
  8. Tower Bridge

    Bridge, Architecture

    The Tower Bridge which is located close to the Tower of London from which it gets its name is one of the many beautiful bridges that adorn the Thames in London. But this bridge is unique! For one, it is a bascule bridge or a draw-bridge which means it can be periodically folded up to let water-boats pass.  You can often see the two “leaves” of this bridge fold up to let a boat...Read more
  9. Buckingham Palace London

    4.5 (37216 Votes)
    Buckingham Palace London

    Art And Culture, Landmark, Palace, Architecture

    The Buckingham Palace is one of the many important royal landmarks that stand in London to this date. The Change of Guards of the Buckingham Palace has become a tradition that is also a huge attraction for the tourists. It takes place at 11:30 am on certain days and involves a time honoured ceremony that is certainly worth seeing. The Palace recently formed the picturesque Background for the p...Read more
  10. Palace Of Westminster

    4.6 (19846 Votes)
    Palace Of Westminster

    Historical Site, Palace, Architecture , Heritage Building

    The Houses of Parliament are housed in the Westminster Hall which has a history of being the seat of the ruling government in London, a tradition started by King Edward. Besides being the setting for important decision-making, this palace is also incredibly beautiful. The interiors are intricately decorated with classical drapes, carpets and chandeliers. The glass work on the windows is also v...Read more
  11. St James's Park

    4.7 (13289 Votes)
    St James's Park


    St James Park can not only be remembered as the lovely place in 101 dalmatians, Children of men, 28 days later,  but also as the synonym of tranquility. The best part is that you don’t really have to go away from the hustle bustle of the main city to enjoy some quiet time. It is pretty much in the center and it is safe to say that it comes in the vicinity of attractions such as Buck...Read more
  12. Harrods

    4.3 (20354 Votes)

    Landmark, Cafe, Market, Shopping Center

    The mecca of shopping and London’s most famous shopping landmark, Harrods is historic and grand. It is one of the most luxurious department stores and sits on 5 acres of land making it Europe’s largest department store. The store has 330 departs and retails high-end luxury brands of clothing, shoes, jewellery, food, household goods and much more. Make no mistake, it is an expensive...Read more
  13. London Underground

    4.2 (13523 Votes)
    London Underground
    London Underground is a rail junction featuring 11 lines and routes that stretch up to 420 kilometers. The railway network came into existence in 1863 and today caters to 270 stations. London Underground is the world's oldest underground railway network. The network is locally referred to as ‘the Tube’. The underground rail route is said to be the fastest medium to get around the c...Read more
  14. Hyde Park

    4.7 (17618 Votes)
    Hyde Park

    Park, Entertainment, Picnic Spot

    Spread over 142 hectares of land, Hyde Park is most definitely one of the best parks in the whole world. It houses various kind of buildings as well as three licensed restaurants that serve anything right from coffee to snacks to main course. The best part is that there are a host of activities available in this park. You can opt for cycling, swimming or playing any sport of your choice. If no...Read more
  15. St Paul's Cathedral

    4.6 (14573 Votes)
    St Paul's Cathedral

    Religious Site, Landmark, Architecture , Cathedral

    St. Paul’s Cathedral is a religious site in London. It is a very old construction, dating back to 604 AD. It is a beautiful building that is definitely a must-see location in London. In fact, it the place is inextricably linked with London. Many historic events have taken place here. The place is alive with stories and possibilities. The funerals of the British Prime Ministers Winston Ch...Read more

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  • Churchillls war room

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  • When is the best time of the year to visit London?

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    • Depends what you like :) Summertime is quite busy,but sunset time is amazing and the weather is nice. In December there a lot of Christmas decoration a great evening time if you like photos :)

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    • The best time to visit London is March through May. You can get here more information about the best time to visit London

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  • do you need tickets to visit The Underground War Rooms and if so what do they cost and can i buy them on line before traveling to London

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    • I suppose you are speaking about The Churchill War Rooms. You do need tickets to visit these underground war rooms. The tickets are priced at 22 USD per adult (16-59), 11 USD per child (5-15), and 17.60 USD per senior citizen (60 and above). Visit the official website of The Churchill War Rooms to get more information and to book the tickets online in advance. 

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  • Visiting London in Sept 2019 Will visit Liverpool, lunch at Penny lane, also Abby Rd and apple records (Beatle fan). Kensington palace. Any off beat places(outside of tourism suggestions) that are great to visit. I want to mingle with the locals.

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    • You can visit Portobello Road Market for quirky, vintage shopping. Try to find tiny alleys in Neal’s Yard where eateries are ideal for a leisurely breakfast. I have also heard a lot about special tours arranged by the London Transport Museum where they take you to historic metro stations underground that are no longer in use. These underground places are usually not open to the public and can be visited only with the museum tour. 

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  • we are going to be staying at hearthrow airport because we just cannot afford hotels in london for eight days, any suggestions on transportation to an from london .. is uber avil

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    • what about renting a car? That's what we plan

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    • You can use public transport to travel from Heathrow airport to London. The Heathrow Express is a good option to consider which will take around 15-20 mins to reach from the airport to London Paddington. TfL Rail services is another transfer service you can avail. You can also take the tube which goes from the Piccadilly line or take the National Express if you wish to travel by coach. N9 night bus is another way of traveling between the airport and London. Alternatively, various taxis, both private and black ones are available at the airport itself that can help you reach London. I am not sure but I think Uber is also available for the same route. 

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  • My family (9 adults and 7 kids) is coming to London in June. We will spend two days visiting attractions as a family, then everyone has two days on their own. Any suggestions?

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    • If you have 2 days to see London's attractions, I would suggest you be at the city center of London. Most of the attractions are located around it and you can also take a walking tour with your family. Do see the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Kensington Palace. Rest two days, you can visit the places of your choice.  

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