Fun and Entertaining Places in London

The city of London will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in London. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in London that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in London anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in London:

  1. The London Eye

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    The London Eye

    View Point, Entertainment, Rides

    London Eye is easily one of the most visited attractions in the city of London. The construction of the London Eye began in the year 1998. Today, the London Eye is a person’s best opportunity to get a breath-taking panoramic view of the city. The sight of the wheel by itself is something you should definitely not miss out on. But, the 30-minute ride of the entire wheel is another experie...Read more
  2. Hyde Park

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    Hyde Park

    Park, Entertainment, Picnic Spot

    Spread over 142 hectares of land, Hyde Park is most definitely one of the best parks in the whole world. It houses various kind of buildings as well as three licensed restaurants that serve anything right from coffee to snacks to main course. The best part is that there are a host of activities available in this park. You can opt for cycling, swimming or playing any sport of your choice. If no...Read more
  3. Covent Garden

    Entertainment, Leisure, Shopping Center

    There is so much to discover in London in terms of shopping as well as eating and history, culture, basically every aspect! But, its not always possible to cover everything altogether, which is why Covent Garden is a one stop solution for you in terms of exploring a shopping arcade, a place full of restaurants and most definitely a district that has an air of London all around it. It is a must...Read more
  4. Sea Life London Aquarium

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    Sea Life London Aquarium

    Aquarium, Entertainment

    Sea Life London Aquarium is one of the best attractions in the UK along with the London Zoo and the Tower of London. It has around 1 million visitors coming in each year and has housed various species of aquatic life inside it. It is a completely marvelous world out there for anybody who loves to explore the blue world. It is a perfect attraction even for your young ones who are sure to love t...Read more
  5. Royal Albert Hall

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    Royal Albert Hall

    Entertainment, Concert, Architecture

    The Royal Albert Hall is truly a treasure of London. Commissioned by Prince, Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort. Royal albert hall London is located in the city of Westminster. It plays host to some of the most prestigious concerts in the world today. If you are an artist and you get to play at Albert Hall it is a matter of great honor and prestige. Royal albert hall capacity up ...Read more
  6. Oxford Street

    Food And Drinks, Streets

    Oxford Street is the shopping Mecca in London. It has everything the shopaholic in you needs and it has more! The shops include every brand imaginable and the sales and exhibitions that are put up often make shopping on Oxford Street extremely popular. You can shop for pretty much anything under the Sun. There are also some souvenir shops to take home a bit of London with you. Besides, there a...Read more
  7. Barbecoa

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    Food And Drinks, Dine In, Entertainment, Fine Dining

    Meat-lovers pay rapt attention! Barbecoa is a very interesting fine dining restaurant that celebrates the flavors of grilled meats. It has an amazing array of grilled meats, seafood and many other delectable delights. Owned by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the restaurant is sure to tantalize your taste buds and make you come back for more. It has a very rustic ambience and the food matches it p...Read more
  8. Royal Opera House

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    Royal Opera House

    Entertainment, Opera House

    The Royal Opera House of London was inaugurated in 1732 and is popular ever since for commendable performances by world famous stars and professionals. The opera house features ballet performances and opera that would enchant music lovers especially. There is food served in the house as well. Although offering minimal variety, the kitchen here doesn’t compromise on taste. The comely ambi...Read more
  9. Sky Garden London

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    Sky Garden London

    Garden, Entertainment, Observation Deck

    A posh social space in London occupying 3-storeys of public garden, observation decks and an open air terrace is what Sky garden features. The garden is also home to a set of restaurants, bars and grill houses. Sky Garden is quite an entertaining place with to enjoy magnificent views and indulge in some uber delicious cuisine. When in London, do not skip this place as it makes for an excellent...Read more
  10. Royal Observatory Greenwich

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    Royal Observatory Greenwich

    Observatory, Historical Site

    Royal Observatory is the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian line. It is said to be the most important historic site for tourists. Visitors can stand on both eastern and western hemisphere placing their feet on both the sides of the Prime Meridian. Royal observatory is the source of Prime Meridian of the world. The meridian line itself divides the world from east to west and nor...Read more
  11. China Town

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    China Town

    Food And Drinks, Dine In, Entertainment, Architecture

    The China Town has an amazing quality, it can transform the busy district of Soho into the main streets of China. Truly, Entering China Town is like entering new world within London. This place is very popular with the Londoners but tourists will also find a great hangout spot or two here. There are many restaurants serving an astonishing variety of oriental cuisines. China town is not strictl...Read more
  12. Brick Ln

    Street Market, Streets

    Brick lane is a historic street which is about 450 years old. The street today is home to Indian cuisine sold by Indian hawkers. There are street performers that brighten up the atmosphere of lane and flea markets that give elite boutiques a run for their money. There are coffee bars and cafes here too. You could take a day out and visit the lane, walk down the street and explore the wonder of...Read more
  13. Primrose Hill

    Outdoors, Zoo, Walking Area, Leisure

    Primrose Hill is an oasis of greenery that features ample walking space. A short climb and you have magnificent views of the city. The hill is surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and serves as one on London’s best spots. The beautiful stretch features the London Zoo; the Open Air Theatre, and is a popular area for boating. Wild bird species and waterfowl Are common here too. The place is ...Read more
  14. King's Cross

    Food And Drinks, Pubs, Specialty Shop, Nightlife

    King’s Cross is a lovely station with shops and pubs. The pubs here are exceptionally great and the service is excellent. The station is massive and the appearance is sumptuous. The early age, the same station had ugly buildings to its corners which now are thankfully demolished. You could stop by for a drink or two or simply to explore the place with friends and family. The architecture ...Read more
  15. Regent Street

    Cafe, Restaurant, Street Market, Streets

    A popular street in London known for pleasant strolls and great shops. The footpath however, is narrow. The décor of the road is brilliant and the street is well lit. the street has cafes and restaurants that serve delicious bites and also plenty of recognized restaurant nearby. The famous Hamleys toy store is right on this street. Regent street is quite a busy area in London and one of ...Read more