How to Reach Longyearbyen - The Easiest Way to Reach Longyearbyen


  • By Air: Svalbard Airport Longyear serves the town as it is the only airport in Svalbard. There are flights to the town from Oslo almost all year round. From there, there are buses and taxis available.
  • By Boat: The town’s port is only open during the summers. Boats arrive from Tromso once a week and every day except Monday from Barentsburg.


  • On Foot: It is possible to see the town on foot, but this becomes difficult when the weather is bad.
  • By Bicycle: You can also rent a bike from Basecamp Spitsbergen or Svalbard Bike Rental.
  • By Car: Since there is no public transport in the town, the best way to travel around is by renting a car.
  • By Taxi: You can also see the town by travelling in taxis, however that might end up pinching your pocket. To go out of town though, requires getting in touch with a tour operator.

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How to Reach Longyearbyen from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Barentsburg to Longyearbyen 155.77 km 2 hours 35 mins
Trondheim to Longyearbyen 1703.2 km 28 hours 23 mins
Oslo to Longyearbyen 2052.74 km 34 hours 12 mins
Tallinn to Longyearbyen 2202.92 km 36 hours 42 mins
Riga to Longyearbyen 2412.09 km 40 hours 12 mins
Copenhagen to Longyearbyen 2452.66 km 40 hours 52 mins
Amsterdam to Longyearbyen 3063.55 km 51 hours 3 mins
Utrecht to Longyearbyen 3081.18 km 51 hours 21 mins
Pulheim to Longyearbyen 3121.17 km 52 hours 1 mins
Brussels to Longyearbyen 3241.82 km 54 hours 1 mins