Top Historical Places in Los Angeles

Are you looking to explore the history of Los Angeles through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Los Angeles including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Los Angeles. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Los Angeles ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Los Angeles, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Los Angeles for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Los Angeles with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Hollywood Bowl

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    Hollywood Bowl

    Performance, Theatre, Concert, Architecture

    Hollywood Bowl is considered to be one of the most elite attractions of Los Angeles. Today, it has been converted into an Art Amphitheatre and is the go-to venue for the best of the concerts.  The gateway of the Hollywood Bowl is the biggest highlight of this attraction and the reason for that is the archway with concentric band shells. The Hollywood Bowl is situated on top of the Hollywoo...Read more
  2. Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    Informally known as COLA, this is a Latin-rite church that serves as mother church for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Though it was built in 2002, the ground on which the structure stands today dates back to 18th century and has a series of other historical elements affiliated to it which can be observed in the cathedral. The masses that happen here are truly special and you are sure to be mi...Read more
  3. Beverly Hills

    Bar, Art And Culture, Outdoors, Landmark

    Perhaps the most well known, posh, and elite province featuring the celebrity status and Hollywood culture of Los Angeles is the Beverly Hills. The residents of Rodeo Drive are the most benefited shoppers of Los Angeles owing to the adjacency of the Beverly Hills. The major attraction spots of the Beverly Hills can be started with the vibrant Magic Show hosted in the famous Beverly Wilshire by...Read more
  4. Battleship Uss Iowa Bb-61

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    Battleship Uss Iowa Bb-61

    Museum, War Memorial, Specialty Museum

    Iowa is the synonym of bravery in USA for all the battles that have been fought through this particular place. Battleship USS Iowa BB-6 is one of the ships that was named after the State of Iowa. She is considered to be the only ship that comes under her class and has been a part of battles that have taken place in Atlantic Ocean. The history of Iowa BB-6 is really interesting and enriching. I...Read more
  5. The Magic Castle

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    The Magic Castle


    The Magic Castle is made for literally anybody who likes the art of magic. It is a very famous nightclub that is frequented by magicians and magic lovers. Los Angeles also has a very well- known academy of Magical Arts. This place also acts as the clubhouse for that academy. You can go have a great time here and it is also an interesting place to meet new people who are sure to increase your k...Read more
  6. Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery

    Park, Cemetery

    Pierce Bros Westwood Village Memorial Park is more commonly known as Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. The Westwood Village Cemetery is one of the most celebrated cemeteries simply because it has a lot of graves of celebrities. There are also various non celebrated people who are buried here. The most famous people to be buried here are Marilyn Monroe of whose a lot of relatives are bur...Read more
  7. Queen Mary

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    Queen Mary

    Museum, Historical Site, Restaurant

    Another heritage Los Angeles proudly features is the RMS Queen Mary, which was originally built by the Cunard White Star Line Company of the United Kingdom. It was heavily in use as a superliner and flagship, along with its more important use as a giant troopship during the World War II. It was then retransformed for passenger conveyance until 1967, when the low profit turnover of the Cunard L...Read more
  8. Bradbury Building

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    Bradbury Building

    Historical Site, Architecture , Arts And Crafts

    The Bradbury Building is a site of historical importance and international visit. Situated in Downtown LA, it serves as being a heritage in American history and an architectural grandeur for the visitors. Its popularity has been majorly featured in several scenes and purposes of movies and fictional creativities. Tourists paying visit come to know about it, its exclusive and special characteri...Read more
  9. Los Angeles City Hall

    Landmark, Architecture , Observation Deck, Heritage Building

    Los Angeles City Hall is the center of all the functioning of the government in Los Angeles. This is where the city council meets and also where the mayor’s office resides. The architecture of the building is truly spectacular and has stood the tests of time. It was created in the year 1928 and has a very modern yet rustic charm to it. It boasts of about 32 floors and is about 424 meters ...Read more
  10. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

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    Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    Cemetery, Concert, Exhibition

    Hollywood Forever Cemetery is known to be the burial ground of many famous celebrities. Apart from Westwood Village Cemetery, this is the main one that has seen various burials of celebrities. The history of this place has also been quite interesting. It was shut for a while because of the amount of disrepair that it suffered, but after shutting down for a while it re opened in the year 2002 an...Read more
  11. Korean Bell Of Friendship

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    Korean Bell Of Friendship


    The Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion is listed down as the 187th most historical-cultural monument in Los Angeles. It is located in San Pedro, which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The Korean Bell of Friendship is actually a huge bronze bell which represents the establishment of bicentennial relationships between Korea and America. The bell is actually a gift by the Korean people t...Read more
  12. Mission San Fernando Rey De Espana

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Mission San Fernando is basically a Spanish mission in Los Angeles. It is located in Mission Hills and was founded in the year 1797 on September 8th. There are about twenty-one Spanish missions established in this region of California. This was the seventeenth of those. Later, Indians joined and took a different name and the mission became really huge with time. In the early 19th century, the c...Read more
  13. Forest Lawn Memorial Park-Hollywood Hills

    Park, Statue

    There are six Forest Lawn Memorial Park cemeteries located in Southern California. This is one of them. Apart from giving some souls a place to rest, this park has also done a great job in preserving history. There are statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson that you will find in the Court of Liberty. The biggest highlight though is Birth of Liberty Mosaic. It is so beautiful because ...Read more
  14. Pershing Square

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    Pershing Square

    Historical Site, Tower, Fountain

    Pershing Square is the perfect place to be at if you are looking for a slight change from the usual hustle bustle of the city. This place has quite an interesting history. It was basically a location where people had settled in the early 1850s. In the 19th and 20th century it went on to make some more history and in the year 1992, it was shut to be renovated into a recreational park. The park o...Read more
  15. Sepulveda Recreation Center

    Arena, Games

    If you wish to spend your evening playing some light sport or by enjoying a recreational activity in Panorama City, the Sepulveda Recreation Center is the place you need to head to. A state-owned recreation center, the Sepulveda Center is visited by locals and visitors looking for a casual game. You can play tennis here, or take part in the basketball game with other visitors. There is also a b...Read more