Los Antiguos Tourism

Los Antiguos is a town in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, located on the south shore of Lago Buenos Aires. It lies 2 km from the border with Chile, and 8 km from the Chilean town of Chile Chico. It is connected to Perito Moreno and Caleta Olivia on the Atlantic coast by a paved road. The town is an agricultural oasis, where small farms produce fruit crops. It was founded as the Leandro Alem Agricultural Colony in 1921, and was formally designated as a municipality in 1970. The area was covered by dust from the 1991 eruption of Mount Hudson, but it has since recovered. The name of Los Antiguos is a translation of the Tehuelche name, I-Keu-khon, meaning "Place of the Elders." In the 2001 census the town had a population of 2,047.


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