How to Reach Lourdes - The Easiest Way to Reach Lourdes


  • By Air: The only airport located near by is Tarbes- Lourdes. From the town, it takes only 20 minutes to drive down to the airport. If you are coming by air from Paris, Air France operates daily flights from here to Lourdes. Other than this, charter flights coming from all over Europe to Lourdes land on this airport. If you are travelling in summer days, Ryanair flights coming from London (Standsted) and Milan lands on Tarbes-Lourdes. Other than this airport, Pau and Biarritz are there to reach Lourdes.
  • By Train: The train station of the town is located few hundred meters away from the centre. It has trains connecting Domaine areas of the town, like La Grotteand Massabielle. Several trains from Paris (in every 6 hours) and to and from trains from Pau, Bayonne/Biarritz and Toulouse are there for Lourdes. Night trains from Tours and Paris are also there.
  • By Car: If you wish to come by car from Paris, the journey will take you around 9 hours to reach Lourdes. However, you need to come via Toulouse and the A64.
  • By Bus: From Tarbes-Lourdes airport, bus no.2 is available. It runs regularly connecting the airport with the town centre.
  • By Coach: you can come to Lourdes in coaches from the UK and Ireland. However, this coach service is organised by private travel agencies for pilgrim groups.


  • By Foot: Though Lourdes is a large town, but it is its pedestrian only streets that actually make it comfortable for people to roam around. These pedestrian streets are connected to every corner of the town. Walking is a great way to explore the city.
  • By Car: Otherwise, if you are getting confused with their complicated one-way streets plan, hire a car. 

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How to Reach Lourdes from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Colomiers to Lourdes 164.29 km 2 hours 44 mins
Toulouse to Lourdes 167.84 km 2 hours 47 mins
Bordeaux to Lourdes 202.85 km 3 hours 22 mins
Parempuyre to Lourdes 215.38 km 3 hours 35 mins
San sebastian to Lourdes 216.5 km 3 hours 36 mins
Albi to Lourdes 260.83 km 4 hours 20 mins
Carcassonne to Lourdes 267.06 km 4 hours 27 mins
Terrassa to Lourdes 284.64 km 4 hours 44 mins
El prat de llobregat to Lourdes 307.75 km 5 hours 7 mins
Barcelona to Lourdes 311.17 km 5 hours 11 mins