Best Things To Do in Lourdes, France

  1. Detours Pyreneens Lourdes


    Detours Pyreneens Lourdes is a touring agency which provides excursions to people of the surrounding area of Pyreneens and Lourdes. A maximum of 8 people, including the driver and the tour guide, can board the vehicle. It helps in discovering new and unique corners of the city which are seldom ever visited. The vast knowledge of the tour guides only makes the journeys more special. Tourists sho...Read more
  2. Voie Verte Des Gaves

    Outdoors, Road

    Voie Verte des Gaves is a route running through the heart of Pyreneens, connecting Lourdes to Cauterets. Along this 26km long road, a wide array of tourist sites can be seen, like medieval towers, nature reserves, castles, peaks, etc. The route is suitable for biking and long drives owing to the smooth windy road. The vast fields flanking the road on both sides are also perfect for small picnic...Read more
  3. Bar Le Triangle


    Bar le Triangle is a local bar which is famous for its cocktail list. It is one of the few bars in the city and therefore receives a lot of crowd on a daily basis. It consists of a pool and billiard table and a karaoke machine. There is also a big flat screen TV which can be used to view football matches. The manager of this place is also very interactive, making people want to come back more o...Read more
  4. Village Des Jeunes
    This unique Youth Village is a retreat which offers nice camping and accommodation options for large groups of young people. Located on the side of the Gave River, the retreat offers stunning views all around. Kids will be engaged in different group activities and lifetime memories will be made here. As the place is away from the city, the pleasant and calming atmosphere will soothe your mind i...Read more
  5. The Basilica
    It is more appropriately known as the “The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception”. It is situated just on top of the Grotto rock. It is the work of a great architecture called Hippolyte Durand. It was constructed sometime in the late 18thcentury.
  6. The Rosary Basilica

    Church, Religious Site

    With a main theme and picture of the Rosary, the Rosary Basilica is one of the most visited church in Lourdes. A sacred place of worship since 1901, it was built between 1883-1889 and continues to attract a significant number of crowd. Designed under the influence of Romanic-Greek style, the architecture is a beautiful sight to see. The Rosary Basilica houses two unique ramps that can hold a lo...Read more
  7. The Grotto


    The Grotto in Lourdes is the chief attraction for tourists and believers in the south-western part of France. The site of the famous vision of St Bernadette of Mother Mary in 1858, a visit to the Grotto is mandatory if you are in the area. The shrine cave itself is a stark relief present in the premises of the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral and a spring runs through the cave which holds high rel...Read more
  8. The Water
    The famous holy water of this town is a must try. It is available for free and if you bring your own clean bottles you can take some home with you. This water is also sold in bottles shaped in the form of Mother Mary throughout the town, you can buy if you want.
  9. Pizza Da Marco
    It is located on the top of the hill on Rue de la Grotte. It is an Italian Pizzera which as the name suggests specializes in the Italian delicacy of Pizza. The pizzas here are a mouth watering delight but the service is a little poor especially when crowded.
  10. Brasserie De La Grotte
    This restaurant is actually a part of the hotel which goes by the same name. It is a four star hotel and therefore the menu here is a little overpriced. The dishes here are excellent and the atmosphere friendly. A great place to have a peaceful meal.
  11. Little Flower Cafe

    Food And Drinks, Cafe

    Located centrally, this place is also busy in the mornings and nights – the Little Flower Cafe. If you’re looking for a fast food joint, this is the place that offers a great set menu. Run by a friendly staff, the food is served quickly, hot and fresh. Offering some delicious food options, the meals are light and won’t make you feel heavy on the stomach, so you can have one or...Read more
  12. La Ferme Du Bon'air

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    La Ferme Du Bon'air


    La Ferme Du Bon'air is a must visit if you have small children or toddlers. It is in Lourdes. It is an animal farm with the most friendly and lovely animals. Children have a ball of a time petting, feeding and playing with these animals. The animals and birds here include chickens and hens, peacocks, pigs, goats, donkeys and guinea pigs. The garden is beautiful and covered with soft grass. You...Read more
  13. Pic Du Jer (lourdes)

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  14. Hotel Panorama

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    Hotel Panorama Image
  15. Hotel Saint-jean-baptiste Image