Events and Festivals in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang being an agriculturally dominant city has a lot of harvest festivals that are celebrated here every year. Most of these festivals are dominated by Thervada Buddhist customs and traditions and are often organised on grand scales.

  • Boun Ok Phansa (October): This festival celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent. Monks, who are restricted in the temples during the three lunar cycles return to the temples to resume their social duties. They are welcomed in the temples by being offered food and gifts. Adding to the celebrations, a boat race is also organised in Xieng Ngeun, about 30 kilometres from the city.
  • Kin Chiang (December): Laos’s ethnic minority, Hmong celebrate Kin Chiang, a week-long celebration celebrating the previous years’ harvest, with music, dance and traditional food. This festival gives visitors a chance to witness Laos’s traditional dresses, jewellery, and musical instruments.
  • Boun Pot Py or Boun Kreu (December): Similar to Kin Chiang, Boun Pot Py or Boun Kreu also celebrates the past years’ harvest. The festival is celebrated by the Khmu community and the events include, dance and sport competitions along with Khmu food and drinking pottery alcohol(“lao Hai").

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