How to Reach Lucerne


By Air: There’s no direct flight to Lucerne. You could land in Zurich and take a train from the airport to Lucerne. The train journey is roughly less than an hour.

By Train: You can enter Lucerne from any Swiss city using their well-connected railway system. If you’re coming from another European destination, you might have to change to a local line once you’re in Switzerland from either Geneva, Berne or Zurich depending on your ticket.

By Boat: Through the Vierwaldstattersee waterway, you can arrive at the port of Lucerne.


By Bus: The city’s only mode of public transportis a bus system, the fare of which can vary from CF 2- CF6 depending on the distance of the ride. Buy your ticket at an automated ticketing machine before you board the bus.

On Foot: Lucerne is best experienced on foot. Most of the city’s major attractions are within walking distance of each other; explore each on foot to make the best of your sightseeing day.

By Taxi: If all else fails, hail a cab to get to where you want to, but be warned that a taxi ride can turn out to be an expensive affair, so it’s not recommended if you’re traveling on a budget.

By Bicycle: Lucerne has a good network of bicycle lanes for anyone looking to see Lucerne on two wheels.

By Boat: A few of the attractions, namely, the Lido Beach and the Swiss Transport Museum are a bit far off and could be reached by boat that leave on the hour from in front of the central railway station.