How to Reach Lugano


  • By Air: Lugano is served by a small international airport that has made this region more than accessible, doing wonders to its economy. Flight from most major European cities fly to Lugano’s airport. The nearest major airport is the one in Milan, from where you can set off for Lugano by bus or train.
  • By Train: Trains from the major cities around Lugano all have trains that run to and from Lugano. The cities are Zurich, Basel, Milan and Geneva.
  • By Bus: The Lugano Service & the Malpensa Express are bus service providers that run between Lugano and Milan airport.


  • On Foot:The best way to see Lugano is on foot. Most of the city’s area is a pedestrian area which makes walking less strenuous and more enjoyable. All you need, is a good pair of walking shoes.
  • By Ferry: The ferry is the bus of Lugano. Treat your tired feet to a ferry ride to the next stop and enjoy some scenery along the ride.
  • By Taxis: Taxis too are the alternative form of transportation for most people. But they can turn out to be expensive, so if you’re traveling on a budget, hire a taxi as a last resort.