Best Things To Do in Luoyang, China

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  • Longmen Grottoes : A sculptural treasure of Buddhist art, It is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most important tourist attraction of the city. Take a tour guide for a historical walkthrough of the place.
  • White Horse Temple : Built in 68AD, it is said to be the first Buddhist temple in China.
  • Luoyang Museum : A museum housing a large collection from the Zhou, Hang and Tang Dynasties.
  • Guanlin Temple : A chain of temples dedicated to Guan Yu, a hero during three kingdoms period.
  • Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum : A museum housing the unearthed tombs from the Northern Song and Western Han dynasty.

Guided Tours

  • There are a number of private tour companies that take you to the tours of different places, with the assistance of an experienced travel guide.

Below we have a list of things to do in Luoyang and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Luoyang getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Luoyang with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Luoyang

Here is the list of things to do in Luoyang and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Longmen Grottoes

    Art And Culture, Temple, Outdoors, Cave

    The Longmen Grottes are located on the Yi riverbank, in the south of Luoyang city. The site is of great value in the world sculpture history and has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are about 2,100 grottoes and niches, over 1,00,000 Buddhist images and statues, over 40 crematory urns and around 3,600 inscribed stone tablets. It is considered to be one of the three ...Read more
  2. Shaolin Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Outdoors, Cave

    The Shaolin temple is located in the region of Song Mountain, in the Henan province and is reputed to be ‘the number one Shaolin temple under Heaven’. The Shaolin temple embraces many exciting arts and attractions, and offers the visitors to indulge themselves in Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial arts. The main gate to the temple, the stone archway with a huge rock in the...Read more
  3. White Horse Pagoda

    Religious Site, Temple, Outdoors, Statue

    The White Horse Pagoda, located in the east of Luoyang city, is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China. Considered to be the cradle of Chinese Buddhism, the temple boasts of magnificent architecture that has remained intact for over 1900 years. Apart from the vivid Buddha statutes and striking architecture, it also offers the visitors to listen to historical stories and indulge in the Spir...Read more
  4. Luoyang International Peony Garden

    Outdoors, Garden, Nature

    Luoyang International Peony Garden is known as the city of Peony and is famous for its peony flowers. Peonies were planted in huge number since Tang Dynasty and during the Song Dynasty Luoyang became the China’s Peony cultivation and trade centre. The flower Peony is a symbol of Grace in China and many poets used it as a metaphor to describe ladies. The best time to visit the place is bet...Read more
  5. King City Park

    Outdoors, Park, Landmark, Historical Site

    King City Park or Wangcheng Park is the largest park located in the heart of Luoyang city. It was built in 1955 during the Zhou Dynasty and Wangcheng Park literally means ‘the city of king’ hence it is also called as the King Park. The park is famous for its cultural and historical spots. The Architecture of the place is of ancient times, which reflect the beauty of Zhou Dynasty, Ta...Read more
  6. Guanlin Temple

    Art Gallery, Religious Site, Temple, Outdoors

    Located in the south of Luoyang city, the Guanlin temple was built in 1596, during the reign of Emperor Wanli in the Ming dynasty and was expanded during the Qing dynasty. It was built to honour the great General Guan Yu of the state of Shu during the three kingdoms period. Legend says that the head of General Guan Yu was buried here. Spread over an area of 16.5 acres, the temple consists of se...Read more
  7. White Cloud Mountain National Forest Park

    Outdoors, Forest, National Park, Park

    The White Cloud Mountain (Baiyunshan) National Forest Park was established in September 1992 at the Southern Song County, Luoyang City. Spread over an area of 168 square kilometre, the park is home to 204 species of animals and 1991 species of plants. There are 37 peaks at the site, rising 1,500 meters above the sea level. The Baiyun Peak, at 2,150 meters above the sea level and surrounded by t...Read more
  8. Old Town District

    Art Museum, Museum, Outdoors, Observatory

    The Luoyang Old town district is the best place to visit for the ancient architecture. The old town district measures a few square miles at the center, but extends out over twenty square miles. The streets here are generally old and narrow, and have lots of shops on either side. The area features a museum of folk art; you’ll also find several traditional craft shops, where the owners of t...Read more
  9. Peony Park

    Outdoors, Park, Observatory

    Peony Park, located in Jianxi District was founded in 1978 in the Tang Dynasty and is known for being the best Peony on Earth. Every year during mid April to mid May, there is Peony Festival, which has more than 100 kinds of peonies blooming. The Park has a 1600-year-old “Peony- King” which is 3 metres high and is one of the most famous tourist attractions. The flower is big in size...Read more
  10. Baiyuan Park

    Outdoors, Park, Bridge, Statue

    The Baiyun Park is the last tourist point in the Longmen Grottoes. The park is located in a picturesque valley and is known for its quiet and peaceful environment. It was built to honour the Tang dynasty poet Bai Tszyui, who admired the beauty of the landscape and spent the later days of his life here. The park offers a perfect relaxing site after a stroll through the adjacent Longmen Grottoes....Read more
  11. Longyuwan National Forest

    Temple, Outdoors, Forest, National Park

    Longyuwan National Forest is located in the mountainside of Mt. Funiushan, southwest of Luoyang. Spread over an area of 9,884 acres, the forest park was opened to public in 1994 and was listed as the first National Civilized Forest park of Henan province in 2001. Consisting of 12 scenic areas and 218 spots of interest, its abundant natural resources attract millions of visitors from all around....Read more
  12. Museum Of Ancient Tombs

    Museum, Observatory, Statue, Tower

    The museum of ancient tombs is a museum devoted to exhibit ancient tombs. Located at the Mang Hill, in the north of Luoyang city, it covers an area of around 7.4 acres. The museum is housed in a compound of magnificent buildings built in the Han Dynasty architectural style. It is divided into two parts; the Upper level and the Underground level. Along with the ancient tombs from different dynas...Read more
  13. Cockscomb Limestone Cave

    Outdoors, Cave, River, Historical Site

    Cockscomb Limestone cave is 600 million years old natural cave, which was found during the Qing Dynasty. The cave holds an important position in archaeology, scientific research and tourism. It also comes under the top ten scenic spots of Henan Province and has a pleasant climate around the year. The cave is very large and irregular, with different figures like ‘the heavenly dog watching ...Read more
  14. Flower And Fruit Mountain National Forest Park

    Temple, Outdoors, Forest, National Park

    Flower and Fruit Mountain National Forest Park, is located 89 kilometres away to the west of Luoyang City. It covers an area of 180 square kilometres and stretches over 108 hills. The place was initially named Daughter Mountain or Stone Rooster Mountain. The mountain is full of dense virgin forest, providing a comfortable living for the animals. The park is beautiful with lots of flowers and fr...Read more
  15. Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area

    Outdoors, Water Body, Lake, Nature

    Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area is located 40 kilometers away to the north of Luoyang City, Henan Province. The Multipurpose dam Project is the most astonishing feature of this place with ten intake towers, nine flood and sediment tunnels, six power tunnels and an underground powerhouse. The dam controls the yellow river and is also an outstanding example in the history of hydro-engineering...Read more