How to Reach Luxemburg City


  • By Plane: Luxembourg- Findel International Airport is the main airport of Luxembourg situated 6 km outside the city. The airport is served by many airlines including Luxair, Air France, KLM, Swiss, Lufthansa, SAS, and British Airways that caters to many foreign countries. City Jet is another airline that offers cheaper and reliable options.
  • By Train: Luxembourg has direct train routes with many other European cities such as Paris, Metz, Brussels, and Trier. Visitors can go to the website of its national railway company CFL for national and international timetables.
  • By Bus: There are some commuter buses that are available from Trier and Bitburg. A direct bus is also available from Saarbrucken to Luxembourg. Though that might be a little expensive.
  • By Car: A traveler can access the city by car from Metz (A3), Brussels (A6), and Trier(A1) connected to the ring road around the Luxembourg City.
  • By Boat: Boat links are available from the German side of the Moselle river to the Luxembourg side.


Since it is a small country, reaching from one place to another does not take much time. Tourists coming for the first time can visit Mobiliteit office in Central Railway Station for queries and help related to the trip.

  • By Train: Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) is a government authorized railway system widespread in Luxembourg for commutation. The railway network provides commutation to both the north and southern part of the city. The fares are pretty reasonable making it a good mode of transport for traveling.
  • By Bus: Buses are the most preferred means of commutation among tourists. They are comfortable and available for all the major attractions spots in the city. The bus routes are well connected and are convenient even for the out of town tours.
  • By Car: The roadways of Luxembourg are very well designed and clean and can be easily mapped by a car. They can be rented and are best options for tourists who don’t want to use public transport.
  • By Bike: Bikes and Scooters are also good options for exploring the city.