How to Reach Lyon

Lyon offers plenty of transportation options around the city. If you are traveling by plane, the Saint-Exupery Airport is about 25 km east of the city, and it serves both national and intercontinental flights. You can check Air France for national flights, since it operates at most airports in France and other main European airports. For flights around Europe, most major European airlines operate trips between Lyon and surrounding hubs.

EasyJet serves main cities including Berlin, London, Madrid, and Rome. Additionally, there are three main train stations operating in Lyon and surrounding cities in the rest of the country. If you are staying in the center of the city, the historical train station of Perrache is your best bet. The second station, Part-Dieu station, is located in Lyon's main business district. To travel outside of Lyon and the airport, you can use station Saint-Exupery.

Lyon also has bus services, namely Eurolines, operating international bus services to and from the Perrache station. In Lyon, you can also travel by car and even on foot because many of the attractions are not too far from the main city. Keep in mind that the metro stations are normally about a ten minute walk from each other.

If you are interested in seeing Lyon while jogging, check out Jogg'in City, which offers sight-jogging tours of the city. Furthermore, to get around within the city, Lyon offers public transportation lines via the metro, tram, and trolley bus. Known as one of the most efficient public transportation options in all of France, Lyon’s system serves central locations as well as surrounding areas.

There are also cable cars and bike rental stations. Lyon offers a public bicycle service called Velo'v, allowing visitors to pick up and drop off bicycles all over the city. All you need is a credit card to get started. It costs about one euro for a one day ticket or three euros for a seven day ticket, with additional costs for each additional thirty minutes.