How to Reach Maceio


  • By Air: Maceio's main airport is Zumbi dos Palmares International has flights operating in and out from most major Brazilian cities and quite a lot of International destinations too. At an average a taxi to your desired destination would cost roughly 30 Brazilian Reals, varying from where you want to get to. Lot of people preferring taking the bus to the downtown area as it is much cheaper and reasonable.
  • By Bus: If you are travelling from the north (Recife/Porto de Galinhas/etc); you will come to Terminal Rodoviario de Maceio which is located on Avenida Governador Afranio Lages. From here, the taxi costs roughly 10-20 Brazilian Reals to get to your desired destination.
  • By Car: You can choose to arrive by car from any close by city in Alagaos. Entering the city during the day is recommended as night can be a little dangerous to travel.


  • By Taxi: Taxis are fairly easy to locate in Maceio and you will find one on every corner. It starts with 3 Brazilian Reals and then it depends where your destination is.
  • By Bus: The bus system is very well maintained in Maceio. A single trip costs you around 2.30 Brazilian Reals and gets you almost anywhere you want to go. But, there are no transfers and hence you have to pay everytime you take a different bus route.
  • By Car: Renting cars is also a great idea. They start with 90 Brazilian Reals and you can keep the same mode of transport for the entire day.