Events and Festivals in Madurai

Festivals and events in Madurai add shine to the city with its many colors and beautiful music and rituals.

  • January: Jallikattu-  afestivalwhen a bull and man fight. Spectators gather to see the bull taming sight. The festival coincides with Pongal.
  • January: ThaiPongal is the main harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu to thank the Sun. The festival celebrationsare carried out for 3 days;1st day is when houses are de-cluttered, 2nd day when the celebration and decorations are done, and the 3rd day (called MattuPongal) is the day when cattle’s are worshipped to maintain prosperity and abundance.
  • April- May: The Chitra Festival or MeenakshiTirukalyanam festival which takes place over 10 days including a procession on the 9thday and the celestial wedding on the 10th day. Day 11 and 12 are known for their chariot rides across the city and the famous Float procession.
  • Thepottsavam (float festival) is celebrated through out the city when the idols of the temples are decorated and taken in procession through the premises of theirindependenttemple.
  • September: AvaniThiruvizhaincludes the celebration of coronation of Lord Sundareswarar (Shiva). Plays are arranged showcasing the 64 miracles which Shiva performed to save the city of Madurai.
  • September- October: Navratri is celebrated by devotees offering 9 types of cooked rice and nine varieties of flowers at temples. The festival is one of the best times to visit the Meenakshi Temple.

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