Things to do in Maebashi

Best places to go and to do in Maebashi

"Steeped in history and stunning nature, Maebashi is gaining its popularity as a tourist destination replete with many attractions. Most of its attractions are close to nature and thus things to do here includes admiring or exploring the various vignettes of surreal beauty. For example, Mt. Akagi-yama which is the symbol of Gunma Prefecture is known for its gorgeous sights of Japanese azaleas in spring and foliage in autumn. There are other alluring attractions that are bound to capture you fancy such as Gunma Flower Park, Rose Garden in Shikishima Park, Kezoji Park, Yabuzuka Onsen and other that blend history, nature and culture. For children, Gunma Insect World will be of special interest as they would love to see various species of insects. One of the most famous things to do in Maebashi is to take a ride on Watarase Keikoku Railway that makes you enjoy the trip along Watarase Gorge with wonderful scenery by trolley train."

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