Best Things To Do in Malaga, Spain

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Malaga is a city waiting to be explored. There are old architecturally brilliant buildings, castles, museums and beaches. Malaga has seriously invested in its tourism and started an elaborate restoration project that is dedicated towards maintaining its historical heritage. For the active traveller, there are a number of activities in Malaga like hiking, rock climbing and beach bumming too! Some of its most popular tourist attractions are:

  • Alcazaba: This one of a kind 11th century Moorish castle is still in great shape and stands proud in the heart of Malaga. Offering jaw dropping panoramas of the city, Alcazaba is a classic example of the city’s eclectic past that still influences its present. This beautiful site is sure to be a highlight of your Malaga holidays!
  • Malaga Cathedral: The marriage of baroque and renaissance styles makes this grand cathedral a delight to visit. An epitome of fine craftsmanship, the Malaga cathedral is popular for its brilliant woodwork and sculptures.
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro: Dating back to the 10th Century and used as a military base till 1925, the Castle of Gibralfaro has enjoyed a significant role in Spain’s history. The castle looks over Malaga like a lighthouse and offers some unforgettable views of the city. Gibralfaro is one of Malaga’s most iconic tourist attractions.
  • Museo Picasso Malaga: The museum is an ode to the genius of Picasso and well worth spending a couple of hours wandering through his surreal artworks. There are about 285 paintings on display, making you wonder whether Picasso ever led a normal life, away from his art. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1885 and famously desired for his artwork to be displayed in his hometown. The museum is one of the best historic places to see in Malaga.

Below we have a list of things to do in Malaga and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Malaga getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Malaga with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Malaga

Here is the list of things to do in Malaga and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Alcazaba

    4.6 (2375 Votes)

    Outdoors, Landmark, View Point, Monument

    A beautiful behemoth constructed during the times of  Abd-al-Rahman, the Alcazaba is visible from almost every street of Malaga. Offering jaw dropping views of the city, the climb up to Alcazaba is both exhilarating and breath taking. Standing tall for many centuries, Alcazaba is the older cousin of the Alhambra of Granada and Alcazar of Sevilla. A great place to take some fantastic photos...Read more
  2. Museo Picasso Malaga

    4.3 (1989 Votes)
    Museo Picasso Malaga

    Art Museum

    The museum is an ode to the genius of Picasso and well worth spending a couple of hours wandering through his surreal artworks. There are about 285 paintings on display , making you wonder whether Picasso ever led a normal life, away from his art. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1885 and famously desired for his artwork to be displayed in his hometown. Strolling around the museum will make ...Read more
  3. Malaga Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    The ‘lady with one arm’ as it was christened because of the lack of a tower, Malaga cathedral is nonetheless a glorious example of the church’s riches in that period. The amalgamation of baroque and renaissance styles makes for a visual treat for the visitor. Stunning mahogany and cedar woodwork makes this church a beautiful example of Spanish craftsmanship. Worth noting are t...Read more
  4. Museum Of Glass And Crystal

    4.5 (938 Votes)
    Museum Of Glass And Crystal

    Specialty Museum

    Exhibiting some 700 pieces of glass, this recently opened museum is a visitor’s delight. There are some interesting pieces that date back to the Phoenician times. Furnished like a private home, there is a truly Spanish feel in the air. A rare gem that thrives in being intimate, this museum was the brainchild of owner Gonzalo Fernandez-Prieto. There’s a collection marking distinct hi...Read more
  5. MALAGA BIKE TOURS By Kay Farrell

    Outdoors, Biking Trail, Entertainment

    We think there is no better way to experience the magic of Malaga than on a bike! The Bike tours with Kim Farrell are informative and fun,covering most must visit attractions of Malaga. A great activity for adults and children alike,you even get the company of a local who explains details and gives information that you would otherwise be unaware of.
  6. Museo Automovilistico De Malaga

    Automobile Museum

    A dream come true for a car enthusiast and an incredible experience for the uninitiated too, the car museum makes for an excellent couple of hours spent. There are a number of vintage cars and collectibles such as costumes and hats from almost every era since automobiles began to be used. The cars are in impeccable condition and the museum is well maintained.
  7. La Plaza

    3.9 (477 Votes)
    La Plaza

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    A great option for your Tapas craving, La Plaza is a no-nonsense restaurant that takes its food very seriously. You will find an extensive menu, clearly marked with vegetarian options and delectable tapas at a surprising price. The restaurant has an outdoor seating which great to soak in the ambiance of the city. The service is excellent and so are the portions! Overlooking the famous Picasso m...Read more
  8. La Concepcion- Jardin Botanico-historico De Malaga

    Botanical Garden, Walking Area

    A brain child of the illustrious Jorge Loring Oyarzabal and Amalia Heredia Livermore, these gardens are designed and landscaped to be a green haven with hundreds of rare species of plants. The wisteria walk and other pathways through the garden make for delightful strolls dotted with lush greens and exotic shrubs. Note the huge collection of palms some of which are as old as 100 years old. Bird...Read more
  9. Plaza De La Constitucion

    Hotel, Walking Area, Restaurant, Square

    Right in the heart of Malaga lies the Plaza de la Constitucion, a bustling square that is full of shops, restaurants and street musicians serenading a Spanish tune into the air. There is a Picasso sculpture at the square that is dedicated to this famous Spanish artiste. Enjoy some paella and gelato at this fascinating plaza and feel like you’ve truly arrived in the heart of Spain.
  10. Kelipe De Arte Flamenco

    4.4 (86 Votes)
    Kelipe De Arte Flamenco

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    Flamenco captures Spain’s heart and soul. The Kelipe is an authentic flamenco experience that truly plucks at the strings of your heart. An intimate setting and the beautiful 18th century venue make for an incredible ambiance for this mesmerizing performance. The performers are truly passionate about the art and do a brilliant job of entertaining the audience. Enjoy a glass of Sangria and...Read more
  11. Los Patios De Beatas

    4.3 (184 Votes)
    Los Patios De Beatas

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    At Los Patios de Beatas, they don’t just take their food seriously, but also have a deep passion for their wines. That means an extensive winelist welcomes you at your table along with an eager-to-please server! An experience that will leave you refreshingly satiated and clear many of your wine-doubts, Los Patios de Beates is just a few short steps from Old Malaga. The English chef does a...Read more
  12. El Trillo

    4 (152 Votes)
    El Trillo

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Rustic outdoors and scrumptious fare beckon you at El Trillo. Typically Andalusian fare is their specialty and be assured that you would rather not have it any other way. The outdoor seating surrounded by lush greens and warm lights encourages you to relax and enjoy long meals over endless pitchers of sangria.
  13. Welovemalaga - Walk And Tapas Tours

    Food And Drinks

    Malaga is a city full of exciting opportunities! And this tour is dedicated to show you the best of what Malaga has to offer; one tapas at a time. A walking tour that also combines a gastronomic journey in this delicious city is a traveller’s dream come true. Friendly, experienced guides show you around this beautiful city while your palette is treated with delectable dishes. See Malaga t...Read more
  14. Picasso Foundation

    3.9 (221 Votes)
    Picasso Foundation

    Art And Culture, Museum, Landmark, Arts And Crafts

    The birthplace of Picasso, Malaga revels in its talented son and celebrates almost every aspect of his iconic life. Picasso foundation was formed with the objective of promoting and preserving Picasso’s art and life stories. In line with this, the Birthplace museum was born that showcases Picasso’s early formative life and illustrative career. A small but highly informative museum, ...Read more
  15. Malaga Park


    Emblematic of the beauty of Malaga city, the Parque Malaga is a haven in its own right. Full of serene landscapes and lush greenery, a visit to this park makes for a peaceful break. The tropical flowers and shrubs give the park an ethereal feel. Even as Malaga rapidly yet subtly changes character, parks like Parque Malaga are a reminder of its glorious past. The Malaga park is sandwiched betwee...Read more