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Malawi Overview

Malawi a landlocked country in South Africa formerly known as Nyasaland is the warm heart of Africa. It is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Malawi is a good destination for a trip of few days. Malawi travel guide is here to give you an overall idea of before set in for the warm heart of Africa. Lilongwe is the capital city here. English is the main language of this country.

Having visa and getting in

Nationals of Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa and some other countries are allowed to travel without Malawi visa. These nationals can stay here for up to 90 days. Citizens of other nationals like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Egypt etc. require to have a visa to travel here. Visa on arrival is available here for 90 days. Visa on arrival is necessarily being paid in US dollar. It is advised to visit nearest Malawi embassy for detailed information regarding Malawi.

Soothing time to visit Malawi

Most of the Malawi plateau is more than 1000m high which leads to moderate temperature. Hottest period comes into existence during the autumn season. Winter, lasting from April to October is coolest and chilliest here. Though winter is cold the best time to visit Malawi is the winter season when it makes itself most attractive. The average temperature here remains from 25C to 30C.

Famous sites to visit           

One of the massively diversified beautiful landscapes can be found in Malawi among all the countries of South Africa. Several lucrative spots are spread all around the north, southern part of Malawi. Best place to visit in Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world, i.e. Lake Malawi. It has crocodiles, hippos and other animals. Nyika national park, kande horse stable, Liwonde national park, and several other spots are there which attracts the tourists.

Means of transportation

As a traveler the first question arrives in mind is how to reach Malawi. Cross continent travelers as well as cross country travelers may avail planes to Malawi. If one is traveling from nearby nations then trains or car is a good option. Once you are in, then to travel local sites or to roam around, public transport is a good medium. A number of the local tour &safari operators also offer car hire. Here you can find famous Ilala vessel which is vital means of communication around Lake Malawi.

Availability of Foods and roofs

Malawi is known for its excellent fish dishes. Around Lake Malawi, fish dishes are available abundantly. Most of the hotels provide western dishes. Soft drinks are easily available here. Beers and spirits such as Malawi gin and South African wines are cheap priced and well available. Drinking packaged water is safer than drinking tap water here. Western-standard hotels can be found at the capital city. Resorts are there near Malawi Lake to carter international tourists.

In spite of being a small country, there is a quite remarkable array of things to do in Malawi. Malawi Lake provides water-sports as well as diving activity. Yoga and pottery classes are also in the list of activity that Malawi provide to its visitors. For trips of few days Malawi is a great option to try.

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