Events and Festivals in Male


  • Islamic New Year: The Islamic New Year celebrations manifest as households decorating their facades with flowers, and the people walking around in new clothing. Celebration is centered on prayer and residing with the family.
  • Fisherman’s Day: On the 10thof December the Maldives celebrate the most important income generator for the national economy, the fisherman. Expect to see lots of fish and other seafood delights. If you happen to be here around this time, do include this in your Male itinerary.


  • Whale Submarine: Probably the coolest thing to do in Male, once visitors have depleted the other attractions like the artificial beach where locals bathe clothed, and the National Museum where English explanations are hard to come by, then it’s time for the whale submarine. It’s named aptly for its appearance more than the likelihood to actually see a whale. This is a submersible that takes visitors on a beautiful 30 minute voyage into the sea world just off the coast. A unique and eventful Male water sport!

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