15 Historical things to do in Male Maldives

One of the most famous beach destinations in the world right now is the Maldives. This gorgeous country is crowded with people from all over the globe. The place can be visited all over the year. In summer time, the place gets a bit hot but take a dip in the ocean and everything will be fine. Male is the capital of Maldives and one of the most crowded places in the country. There are a lot of things to do in Male but for that, you must know 15 historical things to do in Male Maldives.

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1. A Visit to the Friday Mosque in Male

One of the most well known places to visit in Male is the religious Friday Mosques. It is the place of worship for the people of Muslim religion and you can see people from all over the country coming here for their prayers. The building is white in color and the dome is golden in color which looks astonishing in the clear blue sky. There is a proper dress code for the people willing to enter the mosque. The men have to wear shirts and trousers. They can’t wear t-shirts or shorts. The woman have to wear the burkhas (long dress with sleeves). They can’t have their hair open, so they cover their hair before entering the mosque. The architecture and the chandeliers inside are just a treat to watch.

2. Munnaaru

The meaning of the world in English is Minaret. You will find this tall structure standing tall beside the Friday Mosque of Male. The structure is known for astonishing lacquer work and coral carvings. The cylindrical structure is colored in white and blue. Beside the structure, you can see a lot of ancients tombstones, which are said to be of the past Muslim sultans, nobles, and heroes.

3. The Historical National Museum

Once the Maldives has a rich heritage of Buddhism but now you can see a lot of people of Islam religion here. There are a great number of Muslim as well as Buddhist antiques can be now seen in the National Museum here. If you like to know about the past of the country, you need to visit this place for sure. Some of the greatest things, which you can witness here, is the first telephone and gramophone of the country. The skeleton of a very rare species, the Longman’s Beaked Whale can be seen here. The skeleton is over 6 meters long.

4. China- Maldives Friendship Bridge

In the Maldives, between Hulhumale and Male, this bridge is constructed. The scheduled opening of the bridge is on the August of 2018 as a little bit on construction work is still left. The length of the bridge is around 1.39 kms. There are two car lanes in it along with different lanes for the pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicycles. The total cost to construct the bridge is around $210 million, among which the Government of China will be paying around $126 million, more than 50% of the total cost. The main contractor of the bridge is the Chinese company CHEC (China Harbour Engineering). Their most glorious feat is the making of Malaysian Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge. This bridge is the best way to visit Male from the Hulhule airport.

5. Local Fish Market

The soul of the city of Male is its fish market. If you are there on a tour, you need to visit this place. This is the place where you will come in contact with a lot of local people. You will be able to know about their culture and different lifestyles. Usually, the place is full of men and local women does not like to visit there. As the market is called the fish market, you will be able to see a lot of big fishes there especially the Tuna fish. You can see the unloading of fish by the fishermen. Other than Tuna, you can see Barracudas and the Palamidas here.

6. Islamic Centre

Islamic Centre - image Image Source: flickr.com

One of the landmarks of the country, the Islamic Centre was built in the memory of the Maldivian heroes in the year 1984. In the boundary of the centre, you will found the Munnaaru lie and the Friday Mosque. The place is also used as a conference hall. Some of the biggest ceremonies and meetings in the Maldives are held here. Along with a lot of offices, an Islamic library is present there too. The place is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country.

7. Medhu Ziyaarath

Now used as the Government office, Medhu Ziyaarath is a tomb, which is made to remember Abul Barkat Yoosuf Al Barbary.  It is said that, he was the person who brought the religion of Islam to the Maldives in the year 1153. The tomb was made in the earlier parts of the 20th century and has been a government office for more than 40 years now. In the year 1953, it was selected as the residence of the president. This beautiful place is located in the eastern parts of the Muleeaage. The only negative thing is as it is a office, tourists are not allowed to visit inside. Though you can take a look from outside.

8. Muleeaage

Muleeaage - image Image Source: wikimedia.org

The resident of the President of Maldives, Muleeaage was a palace of sultan. Before becoming the resident of the President, it was transformed in government offices. The use of the colors blue and white are very prominent here in this building. The head of the country lives there so it is evident that the tourists are not allowed to visit inside the building. But you can certainly take pictures from outside.

9. Relaxation at the Artificial Beach

The beach is very popular among the local people of the place. They like to relax a bit whenever they get time from their hectic schedule by sitting on the shore and dipping the feet under the water. For hanging out with friends, this the best place in Male. The recently constructed China- Maldives Friendship Bridge can be clearly seen from here. There some restaurants beside the beach where you can enjoy some good snacks.

10. Hanging Out at Sultan Park

If you are travelling to Male as a tourist and has a full day of sightseeing, the place which will refresh you is the Sultan Park. The park is well shady with a huge number of trees planted here. Though the place don’t have the lush green grass carpets like some other parks but still you will like the place. There are some outdoor fountains here which enhances the beauty of the place. Usually, it is liked by the kids a lot as they can play around here. The place has an entry fee and it is around $5.

11. Visiting the Old Friday Mosque

The Quranic script which is carved on the stones of this mosque makes it special.  The Old Friday Mosque is also the oldest mosque in Male. Made of coral stone, this mosque is known for its beauty. But you cannot enter the mosque just like that as you have to take permission for entering here from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

12. Enjoy Shopping at Produce Market

Market - image Image Source: wikimedia.org

To get the best Maldivian experience, the place you need to visit is the Produce Market. You will find the best home-grown vegetables in this market as people from every part of the country visit here to sell vegetables. The best things which you will get here are the delicious bananas and coconuts. The price of the fruits and vegetables is not too high and you can afford to have them easily.

13. Food at the Royal Garden Café

The café is known for serving the best dishes in Male. They serve different types of dishes like Indian, American, Indonesian, and Italian. Each of them is equally delicious. The most popular dishes which are found here are the Nasi Goreng and the Satay Chicken.

14. The Seagull Café House

Another place where you can find some delicious dishes in Male is the Seagull Café House. The café is double storied and they had a great menu where you can choose different types of dishes. Some of the best grills, fish, and curries in the whole country are found in this place. If you like to have a meal with your friends, this is the best place to do that.

15. After the Meal Have Desert at The Gelateria

Near the Seagull Café House, you will find this place where you can experience the best ice cream in the city of Male. The chilling and delicious ice cream will cool you down. For deserts, this certainly the best place in Male. The different flavors of ice cream will attract you for sure.

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