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Activities in Mammoth Lakes depend on the season in which you are visiting. Summer is usually idyllic here and you can visit the various water bodies like Lake Mary and Twin Lakes in the vicinity. Winters here brim with activity and there is something to do for every type of outdoor enthusiasts. No matter when you visit this village, you cannot leave without a trip to Mammoth Mountain for skiing or hiking.

  • Things to do in spring: If you are visiting Mammoth Lakes in spring, you are likely to see wildflowers on your hiking tracks. The shorter, less demanding hiking trips can be done close to town while the more daunting trips are situated at a bit of a distance. You can hike to Mammoth Mountain, Emerald Lakes or to the Panorama Drome. If you befriend a local and find the location of some of Mammoth’s hot springs, you would be counted among the lucky few who managed to gain access to the village’s highly guarded secret.
  • Things to do in summer: Film buffs can choose to attend the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, which usually takes place on the Memorial Day weekend. Tickets range from $10 to $175, depending upon the kind of seat you want. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like swimming, rowing or kayaking in the cool lakes surrounding the village.
  • Things to do in winter: Skiing at the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is the main recreational activity in winter. Snowboarding also takes place on a large scale in the Mammoth Mountains. If you are willing to push the limits of adventure, cross country skiing is just the thing for you. You can cover vast tracks of snowy wilderness over a span of days in the Inyo National Forest.
  • Things to do with kids: Kids can experience the snows with several sledding areas just outside of the village and near the Rock Creek Road. These snow parks are the best places to build a snowman or have a family snowball fight. Mammoth Lakes’ favourite pet Woolly also has his Tube Park and Snowplay for his young guests. You can also take rides across the fields in the heated Snowcat.
  • Things to do at night: Nightlife is relatively quiet in Mammoth but the local restaurants and pubs have attractive offers and discounts in store for you. You can have a quiet dinner with your family or else check out the watering holes of the village.

Below we have a list of things to do in Mammoth Lakes and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Mammoth Lakes getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Mammoth Lakes with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Mammoth Lakes

Here is the list of things to do in Mammoth Lakes and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Devil's Postpile National Monument

    Geological Formation, Park, Monument

    Located within the Devils Postpile National Monument are a handful of intriguing and enchanting natural features. These include: Devil's Postpile: A dark cliff columnar basalt rock formations more than 100 meters thick, sixty feet long, formed by a cooling lava flow less than 100,000 years ago. Some of them have hexagonal shapes. Rainbow Falls: The highest waterfall on the Middle Fork of the S...Read more
  2. Mammoth Mountain

    4.8 (312 Votes)
    Mammoth Mountain

    Outdoors, Park

    This lava dome, 3,371 meters high, formed in eruptions about 110-57 thousand years ago, is the sole reason the town below exists. Its alpine skiing area is the highest in California, and said to be among the finest in the world, criss-crossed trails for beginners and experts alike. This is thanks to the heavy snowfall it receives - about 400 inches annually. The entire mountain has accordingly ...Read more
  3. Convict Lake

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Hiking Trail, Lake

    Usually when a mountain lake is this dramatically beautiful it is also hard to access. This is practically at the doorstep of the Mammoth Yosemite Airport. The lake of crystal clear waters is named for an 1871 event when some convicts escaped, and Robert Morrison was killed fighting them at Convict Creek. The nearby Mount Morrison is named after him. The activities here are straightforward. You...Read more
  4. Lake Mary

    Water Body, Waterfront, View Point, Lake

    8900 feet above sea level, breathtaking scenery all around, a mirror like lake surrounded by a rolling canopy of pine trees - this is a very nice base camp in both the summer and winter. The area around the lake and leading away from the lake is chock full of activities - fishing, hiking, camping, and in the winter, even skiing. While most of the attractions to be reached from the lake are some...Read more
  5. Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center
    The US Forest Service, National Park Service, Mammoth Lakes Tourism and Eastern Sierra Interpretive Center all contribute to the functioning of this tourist center. It’s definitely the very first thing you should check out before you head out on any activity around the region. Not only do you find a wonderful variety of resources - local books, guides, maps, gifts - the center is also the...Read more
  6. Mammoth Brewing Company

    4.4 (76 Votes)
    Mammoth Brewing Company

    Food And Drinks, Adults

    Founded in 1995 at 8000 feet above sea level this brewery is the highest on the west coast of the USA. The main beers to check out at the tasting room here are the Double Nut Brown porter and the Real McCoy Amber Ale. They also serve a pilsner, IPA, and double IPA year round. And of course like any self -respecting craft brewery they have a splendid selection of seasonal beers. They allow pets,...Read more
  7. Hot Creek Geological Site

    4.2 (194 Votes)
    Hot Creek Geological Site

    Geological Formation

    The Long Valley Caldera may no longer be erupting but it is by no means dormant. Just check out this landscape of vividly blue boiling water, geysers, fumaroles and craters; listen to all the hissing, whistling and popping. The heated water here is rising from almost three miles underground, kept from boiling by high pressure even though it is 200 degrees Celsius, coming to the surface after a ...Read more
  8. Obsidian Dome

    Geological Formation, Adults

    Obsidian is a volcanic glass produced when felsic lava cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. Now imagine an entire mile long hill 300 feet high made of that. As far as geological features go, this one is practically an infant, formed only 600 years ago. You can climb up the dome from the parking lot(2.7 miles of a dirt road from Highway 395), but remember, like glass, this rock is sharp. W...Read more
  9. Minaret Vista

    Geological Formation, View Point, Adults

    During summer, motorists usually find it a cool fact that this is the highest driveable location in the Mammoth Falls region. It’s only when they arrive that they find an even cooler sight - the dramatic jagged edges of the Ritter Range Minarets of Sierra Nevada thrusting into the sky. The structures look alien, cruel and otherworldly. The two highest peak seen, Mount Ritter and Banner Pe...Read more
  10. Crystal Lake

    Trail, Hiking Trail, Lake

    A short but steep 1.1 mile hike with a 900 feet vertical rise from the trailhead will bring you to this lake. And it’s not just the ascent that slows you down. You’ll pass by so many different vistas on your way up that you’ll keep wanting to stop and take pictures. It’s an easy trail to follow though. It’s is signposted, and you must make sure to head towards Crys...Read more
  11. Hot Creek Trout Hatchery


    The trout found in the rivers and lakes all over Mammoth Lakes don’t naturally reproduce at that rate. Rather, their population is sustained by active breeding. And that breeding is done here at this fish farm. But with over three million fishes reared annually, the hatchery supplies more than the local water bodies. It supplies the entire state of California. The warm waters of Hot Creek...Read more
  12. Crowley Lake

    Outdoors, Water Body, View Point, Lake

    With over 45 miles worth of coast, this 12 miles long and 5 miles wide man made reservoir lake sees some intense fishing activity in the first days of opening season. The reason? This lake has some of the biggest trout worth catching in the entire state. Fully equipped with amenities such as marinas, boat rentals, restaurants, RV sites, and a tackle shop, the lake is angler heaven in the summer...Read more
  13. Mammoth Crest Trail

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Hiking Trail

    The trailhead for this is the same as the crystal lake trailhead. Follow the path, taking in the views, until you come to the signposted junction, and then fork towards Mammoth Crest. You will eventually top out at the timberline, where the trees will begin to thin and the views will begin to get better and better. Pass by the sign of John Muir Wilderness and the three trails branching off to t...Read more
  14. Mcgee Creek

    4.7 (6 Votes)
    Mcgee Creek

    Outdoors, View Point, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    This is a long but absolutely beautiful hike. From the trail head you have the option of two destinations, both following the creek canyon nearly all the way - Steelhead Lake or Big McGee Lake. Either way, you’ll be heading south on the west bank of the creek, crossing over a bridge for a short jaunt on the east bank, and then back to the west. You’ll go past sagebrush, junipers, ma...Read more
  15. Skelton Lake And Consolidated Gold Mine

    Water Body, Waterfront, Mine, Hiking Trail

    This mountain lake is a great place for angling but gets frequently overlooked as hikers tend to simply pass it by on their way to the better known Duck Lake. To get here, take the trail from the Coldwater Campground south of Lake Mary. Directly southwards you’ll find the Consolidated Gold Mine. The tiny mine produced only about $100,000 worth of gold between 1927 and 1933, but some of th...Read more