Events and Festivals in Manaus

  • Amazonas Carnival (February): You can’t be in Brazil and not want to carnival! The Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue is where you want to be when the celebrations kick in. The parades, costumes, performances and the sheer festivity in the air is contagious enough to make you want to dive head-first into one the world’s best celebrated events.
  • Amazonas Opera Festival (May): The Teatro Amazonas is indeed a force to be reckoned with.  One of the most awaited and a popular event of Manaus is held here- the Opera Festivals. This festival brings to you, from the heart of the Amazon region, some dramatic and enjoyable ballet and musical performances. Don’t miss out on the performance by the theatre’s official orchestra.
  • Boi Manaus Festival (October): Otherwise known as the ‘anniversary of Manaus’, this event takes place on the 24th of October to commemorate the existence of the city of Manaus. It was on the day that the city was officially recognized. The streets are decorated and people parade around in costumes, followed by many-a-performances that encompass the spirit of the city.

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