How to Reach Mandu


  • By Plane: Nearest airport is at Indore (99 km), connected with Mumbai, Delhi and Bhopal.
  • By Train: Regular bus services connect Mandu with Indore, Dhar, Mhow, Ratlam, Ujjain and Bhopal. Best season: July to March. Convenient railheads are Ratlam (124 km) on the Mumbai-Delhi main line and Indore (99 km).
  • By Road: Car drivers will face a 95km trip from Indore - Pithampur - Ghatabillod - Labour - Dhar to Mandu.
  • By Bus: Take a Bus from Indore to Dhar, and then from Dhar to Mandu.


  • By Bike: Bikes and Scooters are practically the only way to get around. The fort is huge! 10km long and 15km wide. Rent them at the nearby village.
Route Distance Time
Indore to Mandu 20.53 km 20 mins
Pune to Mandu 206.42 km 3 hours 26 mins
New delhi to Mandu 260.82 km 4 hours 20 mins
Mumbai to Mandu 298.82 km 4 hours 58 mins
Nagpur to Mandu 410.44 km 6 hours 50 mins
Jabalpur to Mandu 502.41 km 8 hours 22 mins
Dubai to Mandu 2242.12 km 37 hours 22 mins
Kenmore to Mandu 8090.88 km 134 hours 50 mins
Olivet to Mandu 8332.95 km 138 hours 52 mins