Best Time To Visit Marathias

Best Time To Go To Marathias

Since Marathias is a beach side location, it enjoys a Mediterranean warm climate, expected of a Greek seaside location. Expect a warm summer and mild winters, factors that also make this destination a year around destination. People who are thinking as to what would be the ideal time to visit the city, be assured that the city has something unique to offer throughout the year. However, you can avoid visiting Marathias during rainfalls.

  • Summers (June- August): Summer days in Marathias can be really warm and dry. However, the beauty of this time lies in clear blue skies. Days end with seasonal cool breezes that create an ideal condition for surfing. This is also the time when you can sit hours together on the beach and enjoy quiet beauty.
  • Winters (December- February): Winters in Marathias remains mild and pleasant. This is the time when the whole island smells of grapes, thereby making it one of the most coveted times to visit.So, the best time to visit Marathias can be winters when you can enjoy the beach site.
  • Rainfall( September- November): Spanning between November till March, this time experiences a lot of rain, though interrupted by sunshine.

So, winters and summers are the best time to visit Marathias.

Climate in Marathias

Know weather for your travel dates:

oF | oC
Today 17 Jan



Partly cloudy throughout the day and windy starting in the afternoon.

Wind:4.85 m/s



  • Thu 18 Jan
    11oC | 8oC

    Windy until evening.

  • Fri 19 Jan
    13oC | 12oC

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Sat 20 Jan
    14oC | 10oC

    Light rain until afternoon and breezy until evening.

  • Sun 21 Jan
    11oC | 5oC

    Light rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening, and breezy starting in the afternoon.

  • Mon 22 Jan
    9oC | 5oC

    Breezy in the morning and partly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Tue 23 Jan
    10oC | 7oC

    Clear throughout the day.

Month wise Weather in Marathias

Average Temperature in Marathias by month

  • 40o
  • 30o
  • 20o
  • 10o 0o

Average temperature: 6oC

Minimum temperature: 1oC

Maximum temperature: 12oC


Average temperature: 11oC

Minimum temperature: 5oC

Maximum temperature: 14oC


Average temperature: 11oC

Minimum temperature: 4oC

Maximum temperature: 18oC


Average temperature: 15oC

Minimum temperature: 9oC

Maximum temperature: 21oC


Average temperature: 17oC

Minimum temperature: 11oC

Maximum temperature: 23oC


Average temperature: 21oC

Minimum temperature: 15oC

Maximum temperature: 27oC


Average temperature: 26oC

Minimum temperature: 19oC

Maximum temperature: 36oC


Average temperature: 28oC

Minimum temperature: 21oC

Maximum temperature: 34oC


Average temperature: 24oC

Minimum temperature: 17oC

Maximum temperature: 31oC


Average temperature: 18oC

Minimum temperature: 12oC

Maximum temperature: 24oC


Average temperature: 13oC

Minimum temperature: 6oC

Maximum temperature: 19oC


Average temperature: 9oC

Minimum temperature: 2oC

Maximum temperature: 16oC

Highest temperature in Marathias is recorded as 36oC in July.

Lowest temperature in Marathias is recorded as 1oC in January.

Average Humidity in Marathias by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 83%

Minimum Humidity: 80%

Maximum Humidity: 86%


Average Humidity: 86%

Minimum Humidity: 85%

Maximum Humidity: 87%


Average Humidity: 74%

Minimum Humidity: 64%

Maximum Humidity: 83%


Average Humidity: 74%

Minimum Humidity: 72%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 76%

Minimum Humidity: 75%

Maximum Humidity: 77%


Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 69%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 57%

Minimum Humidity: 55%

Maximum Humidity: 60%


Average Humidity: 61%

Minimum Humidity: 60%

Maximum Humidity: 64%


Average Humidity: 73%

Minimum Humidity: 71%

Maximum Humidity: 74%


Average Humidity: 74%

Minimum Humidity: 71%

Maximum Humidity: 76%


Average Humidity: 79%

Minimum Humidity: 76%

Maximum Humidity: 81%


Average Humidity: 77%

Minimum Humidity: 70%

Maximum Humidity: 83%

Most humid month in Marathias is February.

Least humid month in Marathias is July.